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Top 8 Thai Dishes You Won’t Want to Try


Having lived in Thailand for a decade and a half, I’ve gotten used to some of the odder aspects of the culture, so it takes fresh eyes to remind me that there are feral dogs roaming around everywhere on three legs or that people routinely drive into oncoming traffic. Food can be included in the(…)

The Dalai Lama Says ‘Let Them Drink Horse Milk’


If any of you are familiar with American NPR, at some point, you may have been witness to a few headlines celebrating the Dalai Lama’s many messages. More recently, a headline read ‘Dalai Lama says he cured Mongolia of alcoholism by promoting drinking horse milk.’ Now, it’s not unusual to find peculiar story lines attached(…)

Carnival Celebrations Around the World


Leading up to lent, in many Christian-influenced cultures there is a festival called Carnival. The word Carnival comes from carnevelare or “farewell to meat”, which explains the custom of abstaining from meat and poultry for 40 days during Lent and before Lent celebrations filled with debauchery. Whether it takes place in Rio or Venice it is(…)

Indigenous Languages of Australia


In our recent language investigations of the place we have affectionately named Down Under, we have discovered a wealth of languages both known and previously unknown that have piqued our interest. Last time we looked at the more familiar top languages spoken across  Australia, so this time we have decided to focus on the treasures(…)

Australia’s Top Languages


If we were the type of people to stereotype, we might have opened this up with a few bars of Waltzing Matilda or a raucous G’day, mate! Fortunately we are nowhere near that cringe-worthy, and to let you know that we intend to continue our look at the languages of Australia in a more dignified(…)

Foreign Language Decline: Why is Language Learning on the Out?


We think we are preaching to the choir and repeating ourselves unnecessarily when we reiterate just how important it is for your career to have a second language on your CVs and resumes. As language lovers, we feel this is pretty obvious. It turns out, however, that that message is not actually being heard by(…)

The Importance of Being Literate in the 21st Century


As you would expect from a blog that is dedicated to all things language (and travel), there are a few assumptions we make about our readership. We assume you are interested in both languages and travel. We assume that we have said something in our article titles that was interesting enough to entice you in(…)

3 Things No One Tells You About Moving Abroad


Moving abroad is often touted as the ultimate goal of a life well-lived. Having adventures in some exotic, sun-kissed location does sound like a lot of fun doesn’t it? With only 36% of Americans owning valid passports, it’s probably safe to say that they aren’t exactly moving about and experiencing the world in great hordes(…)

Germans, The German Language and a Healthy Dose of Hypochondria


Ever hear about medical students’ disease? It’s when medical students develop hypochondria during medical school, convinced that they have contracted each new disease they learn about. It seems to stem from a phenomenon that once we have a name for something, we are more prone to suffer from (or simply feel) it. That might then(…)

Are you Illiterate in Your Native Tongue? A Look at Cultural Stigmatisation and Language


Picture for a second going to a family – your family’s – event and not understanding anyone because you don’t speak the same language. This is a reality for an increasing number of people as families crisscross across the globe, landing in new lingual territory, and different generations of immigrants grapple with the pull of(…)