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Holy Alphabet: A Beginner’s Guide to the Hebrew Letters


There are languages that make even the geekiest language-lovers gasp in fear. Hebrew, the holy language of the Bible, is definitely one of them. This is partly because it’s a biblical language, but also because its alphabet looks absolutely alien to Western eyes. Consisting of 22 letters, none of which are vowels or lowercase, the Hebrew letters can(…)

Is Polish Hard To Learn? The Ultimate Answer


Is Polish hard to learn? For many reasons, some more valid than others, there is a widespread belief that it is actually extremely hard. If you’ve ever told a fellow language-lover that you’ve taken up Polish lessons, you must know what we are talking about. That pat on the shoulder? The compassionate look that seems to(…)

A Beginner’s Guide to the Yiddish Language


Have you ever wondered where the Yiddish language comes from? The answer is not difficult to find, as Yiddish /(j)ɪdɪʃ/ literally means ‘Jewish’. Indeed, this is an Indo-European language derived from a High German variety originally spoken by the Ashkenazi Jews. Despite its growing recognition, many foreign language learners sometimes stay away from Yiddish because(…)

5 Great Netflix Recommendations to Practise Your Mandarin Chinese

Click here to discover 5 amazing Netflix movie recommendations for learning Mandarin Chinese!

As you’d expect for the most widely spoken language in the world, Netflix has a huge amount of films, shows, and dramas available in Mandarin. There is so much to choose from that you might be either overwhelmed or spoilt for choice! Here are five of our favourites to get you started.  A Love(…)

Laughs Around the World: How to Have Fun in Different Languages


If your friend sent you this meme, how would you answer? The most likely options are “haha” or “LOL” (which means “Laughing Out Loud”, if you didn’t know). But if you found this meme hilarious, you may want to laugh hard and use “HAHA”, “hahahahaha”, or “ROFL” (Rolling On the Floor Laughing). The problem is(…)

5 Incredible Netflix Shows and Films to Boost Your Italian

Click here and discover 5 incredible Netflix shows and films to help you learn Italian

If you are looking for something to brush up your Italian with, Netflix might be one of the best places to start. Whether you want to communicate with your Italian family or use it to advance in your career, you would be hard-pressed to find better resources than movies and shows. They are the perfect(…)

Language Learning With Netflix: Top Tips & Resources


You may have heard that learning a language is a long-term investment and that the best way of becoming fluent is to communicate with native speakers. While this is true, it poses a little problem. If you live in Australia, for example, and want to practise Spanish, you’ll need to go abroad to find native(…)

5 Captivating English Podcasts to Learn on the Go

5 podcasts for learning English

Looking to brush up on your listening skills in English? Podcasts are the answer! They are the best companion for those who are constantly going from one place to the other but still want to boost their linguistic skills. Whether you are commuting to work, doing the laundry, or cooking, you can have a nice(…)

The 4 Best Youtube Channels to Help You Learn Italian


Looking for some simple ways to practise your Italian? Why not consider Youtube? Let’s face it, many of us look at the app several times a day already; why not put it to work? With thousands of Youtubers and Youtube channels dedicated to helping us learn languages, Youtube has become an incredible tool for those(…)

6 Entertaining Italian Podcasts to Take Your Skills to the Next Level

What are the best podcasts to learn Italian?

Continuing our celebration of podcasts as incredible tools for when you are learning a language, let’s deal with the beautiful Italian language. Put down whatever you’d normally waste time with on your commute and join us on an Italian adventure!   How to podcast First things first, do you know how to effectively use a(…)