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Get Lost in the Many Facets and Languages of Morocco


Our next visit to a country with multiple languages takes us back to the African continent, the popular tourist destination of Morocco. And while the country might only have two official languages, there are others that you will find people regularly conversing in. If you’re looking to soak up culture, local cuisine, and converse in(…)

Monolingualism in Film: Celebrating English Accents Everywhere


If you’re a Brit watching a Hollywood film, you’re probably used to hearing your accent being butchered portrayed by the villain. It’s not good—there are more accents in the UK than just Queen’s English and Cockney, for example—but there are far worse ways to be disrespectful with a language than replacing one form of English(…)

Why Russian Should be the Next Language You Learn


Russian used to be a popular language to learn in the United States during the lead up to and duration of the Cold War. For all the talk of Russia these days in our news, it feels like Russian might be just as important today. With a continuous presence on any most widely spoken language(…)

Foreign Language Decline: Why is Language Learning on the Out?


We think we are preaching to the choir and repeating ourselves unnecessarily when we reiterate just how important it is for your career to have a second language on your CVs and resumes. As language lovers, we feel this is pretty obvious. It turns out, however, that that message is not actually being heard by(…)

Stopwatch, Stopwatch On My Wrist: Who’s the Fastest Language On Our List?


Any bookworms out there? Any people who devour words off of pages faster than those words were probably imagined? Anyone guilty of having a books I have read list that is longer than a books I want to read? To those of you out there with a voracious appetite for literature, the answer to the(…)

Listen Up Language Learners: 10 Things You Do Better When Bilingual


We all know that being bilingual (or even multilingual) increases your ability to communicate with more people across the world, which is a pretty cool perk to learning another language. But did you know that being bilingual helps you in far more ways than just communication? Here are 10 things that you can do better(…)