At Listen & Learn, all of our language courses are tailor-made, which means the best way for you to get an exact price is to contact us and ask us for a personalised quote. Generally, the prices depend on the number of hours you book (more hours means lower prices), which language (more common languages usually have lower prices), what location (city-centre locations, anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, generally mean lower prices), the number of learners in the group (we charge a small fee for additional learners) and the type of language lessons you want to learn (Business, Exam Preparation, Legal, Medical and other technical language lessons cost slightly more than a General or Survival language programme). In all cases, Skype Online classes are much more cost-effective than face-to-face classes, due to zero travel costs for our teachers.

Our Prices Australia

At your home or office Face to Face

10 hours

AU$990 (AU$99/hour)

AU$505 (AU$50.50/hour)

14 hours

AU$1246 (AU$89/hour)

AU$658 (AU$47/hour)

24 hours

AU$1776 (AU$74/hour)

AU$1056 (AU$44/hour)

40 hours

AU$2560 (AU$64/hour)

AU$1560 (AU$39/hour)

60 hours

AU$3240 (AU$54/hour)

AU$2130 (AU$35.50/hour)

Additional Learner



More Info

More Info

All prices are subject to GST @ 10%. Prices shown are typical for individual (one-to-one) General language lessons; for two-to-one and group classes, add an extra $10 per hour per additional student and for Business language lessons, add an extra $10 per hour. The trainer's travel costs are generally included in the price, as long as your training location is within reasonable driving distance or within walking distance of the bus, train, etc.

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