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Here’s Why Language Learning Should Never be a Solitary Experience


Learning a new language requires a fair amount of putting yourself out there, and yes, sometimes even making a fool of yourself. Which is why it can be all too tempting to opt for language courses and apps where embarrassing yourself is not an option. After all, if you don’t have to interact with anyone(…)

Can AI Language Be Prone to Racial and Gender Biases, Too?


One of the more idealistic aspects of a world with AI in it, is that we’ll finally be free of petty human prejudices. Using AI would create equal opportunities, regardless of gender or race. It wouldn’t matter what your sexual orientation is or where you hail from, with the right algorithms jobs will be merit-based,(…)

From Hieroglyphs to Emojis: Maintaining a Visual Presence


When we think of cultures using pictograms, a visual representation of a person, place, or thing, and ideograms, a visual representation of an idea, we tend to think of ancient cultures, right? Sketching on a cave wall or in the dirt to pass on information to the next generation of the tribe probably started soon after homo-sapiens(…)

Foreign Language Decline: Why is Language Learning on the Out?


We think we are preaching to the choir and repeating ourselves unnecessarily when we reiterate just how important it is for your career to have a second language on your CVs and resumes. As language lovers, we feel this is pretty obvious. It turns out, however, that that message is not actually being heard by(…)

Foreign Language Decline: Translation Tools


Given all the tools and tricks of translation that are available to us on our phones, tablets and browsers currently, it makes you wonder why would anyone go to the trouble of putting the effort in to learning a language for themselves? Yes, we know language learning is important, but when predictive text types your(…)