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The 4 Best Youtube Channels to Help You Learn Italian


Looking for some simple ways to practise your Italian? Why not consider Youtube? Let’s face it, many of us look at the app several times a day already; why not put it to work? With thousands of Youtubers and Youtube channels dedicated to helping us learn languages, Youtube has become an incredible tool for those(…)

7 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do With the Internet


The internet is arguably one of the most outstanding inventions of our time. Since its creation, it has helped people connect with others from all over the world, get more professional opportunities, gain insight into different cultures, and make innumerable other activities possible. Ever since October 29, 2005, the world has celebrated International Internet Day(…)

Why learning Spanish is a quiet rebellion against our government


Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Some 480 million speak Spanish as a native language, many of whom reside in one of twenty countries that have Spanish as an official language. It is important for so many reasons; international relations, business, trade, and tourism, amongst others. And when 41(…)

Philippines president’s drug war and crimes against humanity


The Philippine Drug War is a subject that doesn’t get a lot of international coverage, despite an investigation by Amnesty International. The idea behind it is a good one; reducing the dependency on drugs in any nation can only be a good thing. But it is the way that President Rodrigo Duterte has gone about(…)

Top 3 strategies to improve your language skills lightning-fast!


Are you learning a foreign language and want to become proficient and sound native-like after dedicating so much time and hard work to your studies? Language learning is not only about acquiring grammar knowledge and vocabulary, but also developing your productive and receptive skills and, crucially, practising them! The most effective way to learn a(…)

The student loan crisis in the US and abroad


Just the words student loan can make a person shudder, send them sinking into the despair of wondering when they will ever pay their student loan back. When we’re told repeatedly that going to college to get degrees, Masters, and PhDs is the only way to guarantee ourselves a good job, the pressure is on.(…)

5 great cartoons to help you learn Italian


Learning Italian? Want to find some ways to make learning fun? How do you feel about watching cartoons? With services like Netflix providing entertainment from the world over in a range of languages, there is little stopping you from making a lesson out of something you watch — aside from not being able to choose(…)

5 great cartoons to watch to help you learn German


Does watching cartoons to learn a language sound like fun to you? Then, why aren’t you? With so many streaming services offering content in languages from the world over you are bound to find something you want to watch. And with simple language used to tell stories that are visually appealing, it will be no(…)

4 amazing cartoons to watch to help you learn French


While we love languages, sometimes it really would be nice to pick them up without putting all of the work needed in. Not that effort isn’t good, but on a day when learning feels like too much, well effort, we’d like our language learning to be a little easier on our brains. The closest thing(…)

5 fun cartoons to watch to help you learn Spanish


Sometimes we need a little reward when learning a language; those moments when we’d feel guilty for not studying at all yet don’t have the energy for anything too arduous. Cartoons and anime can bridge that gap, giving you the opportunity to practice your chosen language while watching something fun. And with so many shows(…)