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The Importance of Being Literate in the 21st Century


As you would expect from a blog that is dedicated to all things language (and travel), there are a few assumptions we make about our readership. We assume you are interested in both languages and travel. We assume that we have said something in our article titles that was interesting enough to entice you in(…)

Chinese Gone Wrong: Amusing Translations of Country Names


Language is a funny a thing. Each different language is able to describe the world around us, from naming concrete objects to abstract concepts, giving us the means to communicate. Yet translating between languages is not a straightforward task. Literal translations show up the gaps between languages and the subtleties inherent in linguistics. Google translate’s(…)

2014’s List of Most Inspirational Cities – Is Yours On It?


We’ve all seen endless rankings of cities according to various criteria: 10 Best Cities To Visit in 2014, 10 Most Dangerous Cities, The World’s Most Expensive Cities, and so forth. But GOOD Magazine has come out with a unique, and downright fantastic way of looking at our urban living spaces: the GOOD City Index of(…)