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International Goddesses on Earth: Wise Quotes From the World’s Most Cherished Spanish, French and Italian Divas


Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Madonna, Cher… Whether you enjoy their artistry or not, it would be difficult to deny their diva status. But what makes a diva? Is it glamour, personality, or sheer talent? In my humble opinion, a diva would not be a diva if, by middle age, she hasn’t graced the world with(…)

French vs English punctuation: Master punctuation française with Our Simple Guideline


Your French orthography is impressive. Your vocabulary is unmatched. You juggle three different tenses in one sentence without making mistakes. So how come you never get top marks in your writing assignments? Could it be you are disregarding French punctuation? “French punctuation? But isn’t punctuation the same here, there, and everywhere?” →Sign Up Now: Free(…)

5 Amazing Netflix Series To Help You Improve Your French

computer screen showing Netflix's homepage -

Watching films or shows in French can be a fun and effective way to learn the language. This excellent approach can help you to sharpen your listening skills, grow your vocabulary and pick up on how native speakers use the language in everyday conversations. Netflix is a great resource and chock full of options to(…)