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The Trickiest English Punctuation Rules and How they Differ from Those of Other Languages

A businessperson drawing charts which show English punctuation

Did you know that, when it comes to writing at an advanced English level, it is not usually grammar or vocabulary, but punctuation that gives students away? That’s right. No matter how much effort you’ve put into memorising lots of workplace idioms, or how many past tenses you can handle in one single paragraph, if(…)

The 6 Best German Podcasts to Learn German

As we get older, it’s easy to get nostalgic and long for simpler times when not every single activity was mediated by technology. However, there is one aspect of life that technology has undoubtedly made much easier: language learning. With language-oriented podcasts, for example, you can learn a new skill while you work out, commute(…)

Debunking Myths About Language Learning: Is Arabic Hard to Learn?


Arabic is one of the most spoken languages today, with nearly 430 million people speaking it worldwide. However, not many people choose to learn it as a second language because it is surrounded by myths which suggest that it’s impossibly difficult.  Here are a few: “The script is impossibly hard to learn, it’s just like(…)