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Learning Mandarin? Follow these 5 Instagram accounts.

Thought Instagram was only for entertainment purposes? Think again! Click here to discover the best Instagram you need to follow to learn Mandarin!

Instagram is one of the most popular apps, one of several we’d be lost without having on our phones. So if you already spend half your day scrolling through the stories of people you follow, why not have an excuse for even more time on Instagram? Learning Mandarin, for example? Instagram will help! Here are(…)

5 delicious Spanish dishes you MUST try

There is no denying that the Spanish cuisine has some of the tastiest dishes there is. Click here to discover 5 typical delicious Spanish dishes!

If you think of Spanish cuisine, what is the first thing you picture? Is the thought of tapas already making your mouth water? Well it won’t be news to you, but there is so much more to Spanish food than just tapas! Here are the five most authentic Spanish dishes you really should try for(…)

5 great Netflix recommendations to practise your Mandarin Chinese

Click here to discover 5 amazing Netflix movie recommendations for learning Mandarin Chinese!

As you’d expect for the most widely spoken language in the world, Netflix has a huge amount of films, shows, and dramas available in Mandarin. There is so much to choose from that you might be either overwhelmed or spoilt for choice! Here are five of our favourites to get you started.   A Love(…)