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5 Great Netflix Recommendations to Practise Your Mandarin Chinese

Click here to discover 5 amazing Netflix movie recommendations for learning Mandarin Chinese!

As you’d expect for the most widely spoken language in the world, Netflix has a huge amount of films, shows, and dramas available in Mandarin. There is so much to choose from that you might be either overwhelmed or spoilt for choice! Here are five of our favourites to get you started.  A Love(…)

Take Advantage of Quarantine and Learn New Career Skills


The COVID-19 crisis looks set to bring about consequences upon our society and the way it works, at least for the foreseeable future. Sadly, some jobs and businesses will disappear, while others with adapt or emerge. Many of us will be forced to re-evaluate our career options in the months to follow, so this is(…)

The 3 most popular sports in Mexico


Taking a trip to Mexico this year? Love sports? Why not combine the two and put together a travel experience with a difference? Here are some of the most popular sports in Mexico and a little of the language used so you can cheer your teams along!     Football   No surprises there, then!(…)

These are the best sports to watch when visiting Qatar


Will they host the World Cup or won’t they? Whatever your views on Qatar 2022, we think you’ll agree that sport is a big business for Qatar. Sport is so important to the people of Qatar that almost all sports facilities are open to the public in the hope of encouraging residents to adopt a(…)

5 outstanding books to help you learn English


Sometimes, there is nothing better than curling up with a good book. And if that book happens to be in your target language, well, that’s a bonus! Reading is one of the best ways we can absorb new language and become familiar with how the words fit together. And let’s face it, if you’re doing(…)

The very best Youtube Channels to help you learn Spanish


We use Youtube tutorials for so many things, and all have favorite Youtubers we follow. So why not keep your Youtube app open instead of guiltily clicking out of it for us catching you not studying, and use it as a learning tool instead? Here are some of the best Youtube channels to help you(…)

5 outstanding books to help you learn Arabic

Learning Arabic? Click here to discover our selection of the BEST books you need to read in order to improve your Arabic skills!

If you thought learning a language with books would be boring, we’re here to make you think again! Books don’t have to be the stale, scribbled on textbooks from your childhood. They can be informative and helpful, as well as must-reads. Not convinced yet? Here are our suggestions for the best books to help you(…)

5 outstanding books to help you learn French

Learning French? Click here to discover our selection of the BEST books you need to read in order to improve your French skills!

Books are a go-to tool for many a language learner, even if so many have a reputation for being dull. But they don’t have to be! Not only can you tailor your learning to suit your needs armed with the best textbooks available, but you can also immerse yourself in strange new worlds of fiction(…)

6 tips to succeed at teaching English abroad

Looking to teach English abroad? Click here to find out our best tips to teach English abroad!

Teaching English abroad is a dream for many, whether it’s as a subsidised way of seeing the world or the first step in moving to another country. But how do you go about teaching English as a foreign language? Here are some tips to get you started on your English teaching journey!     Get(…)

Going to Valencia. Here is your survival guide…

Valencia is one of the most beautiful cities you can visit in Spain. On the southeastern coast of the country about an hour from Alicante, you are guaranteed almost year-round sun. With direct cheap flights into the city as well as neighboring airports, and everything from architecture and beaches to explore, Valencia should be your(…)