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Why Cursing In Another Language Feels So D*** Good


A stubbed toe. That moment when you press send on a message that you really, really shouldn’t be sending. Waking up the morning after a night where go for a beer turned into doing shots. You know the word. We teach children that it’s rude to swear, cringe when they blurt out profanities learned on(…)

Foreign Language Decline: Translation Tools


Given all the tools and tricks of translation that are available to us on our phones, tablets and browsers currently, it makes you wonder why would anyone go to the trouble of putting the effort in to learning a language for themselves? Yes, we know language learning is important, but when predictive text types your(…)

Stopwatch, Stopwatch On My Wrist: Who’s the Fastest Language On Our List?


Any bookworms out there? Any people who devour words off of pages faster than those words were probably imagined? Anyone guilty of having a books I have read list that is longer than a books I want to read? To those of you out there with a voracious appetite for literature, the answer to the(…)

Most Popular English Language Translated Books: Another Look


This week looking at translated books, we are feeling a little nostalgic for the books we read when we were growing up. It is comforting to know that some of our firm favourites are also loved the world over. For example, did you know that Hans Christian Anderson’s book Anderson’s Fairy Tales was translated from(…)

Most Popular Books in English That Have Been Translated


The bible is said to be the most translated book in the world. Translated from the alleged original languages of Hebrew, Aramaic and Koiné Greek, there are thought to be at least 530 full translations of the bible, and over 2800 partial ones from revered passages. So if you are stuck for something to read(…)