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All About Azerbaijan and the Other 14 Languages Spoken There


Okay, so it’s true. Technically speaking, our next stop on our adventures in multilingual countries does only have one language that is official, but hear us out! For there are numerous other languages that are spoken unofficially that more than make up for this fact! Come with us to Azerbaijan, famous for the Burning Mountain,(…)

Why Russian Should be the Next Language You Learn


Russian used to be a popular language to learn in the United States during the lead up to and duration of the Cold War. For all the talk of Russia these days in our news, it feels like Russian might be just as important today. With a continuous presence on any most widely spoken language(…)

Top Dialects of the Russian Language


Russia is a huge country: it’s the world’s largest nation in terms of area, and spans two continents. And with a population of nearly 150 million, it’s one of the top ten most populated countries in the world. Given Russia’s vast size, you might expect that there would be significant dialectal variation in the Russian(…)

From Russia With Love: 10 Ways to Express Your Love in Russian


Culturally, you may not associate Russian with a language of love. It doesn’t have the romantic lilt of French or Italian, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t full of ways to express your affection! What Russian does have is passion, so when you want to vehemently tell someone you love them, you need them and(…)