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Monolingualism in Film: Celebrating English Accents Everywhere


If you’re a Brit watching a Hollywood film, you’re probably used to hearing your accent being butchered portrayed by the villain. It’s not good—there are more accents in the UK than just Queen’s English and Cockney, for example—but there are far worse ways to be disrespectful with a language than replacing one form of English(…)

Pop Culture Today and Sign Language Champions


Last year in our series on overlooked languages, we took a quick tour of the history of sign language, and learned that there are more than 130 forms of sign language used globally. As the entertainment industry as a whole strives to become more representative of all the richness of our society, we would like(…)

Fandom Language and Their TV Origins


To the casual viewer, phrases from some of our favourite TV shows may get used in passing, or as a joke. To those in fandoms (the fans of a particular person, team, fictional series, etc., regarded collectively as a community or subculture), those same words become codes, identifiers of fellow fandom members when out there(…)

Express Yourself: Idioms and Their Origin


Whether you season your vocabulary with a pepper of proverbs or you speak in shout-outs, common expressions are an unavoidable part of your everyday vocabulary. But there’s a whole lot to be said for thinking before you speak: where do these sayings come from? Here’s our top ten favourite. 1. A friend in need is(…)