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Top 8 Thai Dishes You Won’t Want to Try

Having lived in Thailand for a decade and a half, I’ve gotten used to some of the odder aspects of the culture, so it takes fresh eyes to remind me that there are feral dogs roaming around everywhere on three legs or that people routinely drive into oncoming traffic. Food can be included in the(…)

Your Guide To Eating in Japan

Japanese food can be intimidating to those uninitiated with all of the things it has to offer. Never fear, for we have a breakdown of standard Japanese fare and what to expect from a Japanese meal. Here’s a guide to the basics of what Japanese cuisine has to offer, so you can start to explore(…)

Tips to Politely Navigate Your Next Meal in Japan

In a culture with quite a few rules that you may not be familiar with, the thought of dining Japanese-style may seem daunting. Never fear, as we’ve complied a list of helpful etiquette tips to get you through a Japanese meal without losing any face, and maybe even impressing your fellow diners! Show respect for(…)

Top Portuguese Food & Drink

Chances are you don’t know much about Portuguese food since it doesn’t have the world-famous gastronomic reputation of countries such as France or Thailand. But that certainly doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of your attention! Portugal’s cuisine is heavily influenced by its position on the Atlantic coast of Europe. This means there is an abundance(…)

Top Spanish Slang from Buenos Aires

Speak Spanish like a Porteño via Hernán Piñera  / Flickr How can you tell apart a Porteño (person from Buenos Aires) from other Spanish-speakers in Argentina and other countries? It’s easy, just listen to the slang. Spanish from Buenos Aires is characterised by Lunfardo, a dialect of Spanish developed in the 19th and 20th centuries.(…)

Magnifique! 8 Restaurants to Visit During Your Vacation in Florence

When most of us dream about an Italian vacation, food inevitably enters the scene pretty quickly. Hand-tossed pizzas, soul-warming soups, deli meats that would put your standard cold cuts to shame. Whether you’re a meat eater or a vegetarian, a foodie or just a person with a big appetite, you’ll eat well while vacationing in(…)