The very best Youtube Channels to help you learn Spanish

We use Youtube tutorials for so many things, and all have favorite Youtubers we follow. So why not keep your Youtube app open instead of guiltily clicking out of it for us catching you not studying, and use it as a learning tool instead? Here are some of the best Youtube channels to help you practice Spanish. 



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What better way is there to get some daily Spanish in than with music? Well, Lirica helps you combine great music with simple Spanish lessons giving you the best of both worlds. Lirica is essentially a lyric video site that puts both Spanish and English lyrics on the screen for you to follow a song to. This is simple, effective, and gives you the change to pause if you need to check something you aren’t sure of, while introducing you to some great new music at the same time. Try Cúrame by Prince Royce and Manuel Turizo to get an idea of how it works. And if you like this format of minimum-effort learning, Lirica also has an app. This channel has more than 180,000 subscribers, so you know you’ll be in great company!



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Spanish Sessions


Spanish Sessions is a channel with far fewer subscribers at 31,000, but don’t let that deter you! Spanish Sessions produces short videos of only a few minutes long, each focussing on a single grammar point or a small amount of vocabulary. The entire video is in Spanish, along with Spanish subtitles, so if you are starting out in Spanish this is either a sink or swim situation or you should come back after a little practice. The information is presented as though you are observing a role play in a classroom, with the dialogue or grammar point played out and then the dialogue repeated slower to help you memorize. Try the lesson La Información Personal to see how it works. 





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Butterfly Spanish


The great thing about Butterfly Spanish is that its host, Ana, explains Spanish in simple terms with enough enthusiasm to motivate even the most reluctant of learners. Ana takes you through grammar points, vocabulary, pronunciation, and all other parts of language learning with a strong emphasis on the differences between Latin American and European Spanish.  Each video tends to be between 20 and 30 minutes, though these pass quickly because you find yourself so absorbed. Try Ana’s 100 Spanish Phrases to give you a taste of what to expect. Butterfly Spanish currently has more than 512,0000 subscribers so you know Ana is doing something right!


Agustin Iruela



If you are looking for videos that are tailored to the Common European Framework levels, Agustin Iruela is a helpful channel to subscribe to. Videos are usually between about three and five minutes so are easy to fit into your study routine. To give you some examples of how the lessons work, A1 videos generally give you a single word to practice and lots of examples of how it is used, like this video for ¿Sabes o conoces? that teaches you how to use sabes. B2 and higher level videos take you to a place or describe a situation with short videos, like this one visiting a famous cemetery, with Spanish subtitles available as well as a transcript. And if you want a break from studying, Agustin Iruela also has some lyric videos for you to work through complete with gap fill activities, like Al paraíso by Pablo Alborán. This channel has more than 42,000 people already subscribed so you can be confident this is a great Spanish learning resource.



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Senor Jordan


Senor Jordan really makes learning Spanish fun, with each video more like a stand-up comedy skit than anything formal. Jordan has almost 170,000 who enjoy his quick-witted and simple way of explaining all the parts of the Spanish language. There are short cartoons, songs, pronunciation guides, and guidance on verb conjugation, amongst other tasks. Try this video about the months in Spanish to give you an idea of how Senor Jordan will help you with your Spanish. Senor Jordan is a particularly useful channel for those who like to learn with repetition since the songs he’s made to help you learn will get stuck in your head. There is no escape! But we mean that in a good way.

So which Youtube channel are you starting with? If you want to test how good your Spanish is already, why not try our free online level test? And if you’re looking for even more guidance, our courses are tailormade for your convenience. Contact us and see how it works!