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International Goddesses on Earth: Wise Quotes From the World’s Most Cherished Spanish, French and Italian Divas


Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Madonna, Cher… Whether you enjoy their artistry or not, it would be difficult to deny their diva status. But what makes a diva? Is it glamour, personality, or sheer talent? In my humble opinion, a diva would not be a diva if, by middle age, she hasn’t graced the world with(…)

5 Amazing Netflix Series To Help You Improve Your French

computer screen showing Netflix's homepage -

Watching films or shows in French can be a fun and effective way to learn the language. This excellent approach can help you to sharpen your listening skills, grow your vocabulary and pick up on how native speakers use the language in everyday conversations. Netflix is a great resource and chock full of options to(…)

The Road to Making French Great Again


When Emmanuel Macron won the French elections in May 2017, his tasks included an overhaul of the French economy, and attempting to resurge the influence of France in Europe. Although these sorts of campaigns are nothing out of the ordinary for newly elected leaders to promise, his latest drive to make French great again is(…)