The 4 Best Youtube Channels to Help You Learn Italian

Looking for some simple ways to practise your Italian? Why not consider Youtube?

Let’s face it, many of us look at the app several times a day already; why not put it to work?

With thousands of Youtubers and Youtube channels dedicated to helping us learn languages, Youtube has become an incredible tool for those who want to boost their Italian. You can use it for anything, from learning the words you’ll need to talk to your nonna to the latest news in the Italian business sphere.

So, without further ado, here are some of the best Youtube channels to help you learn Italian.



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Learn Italian with Lucrezia

Learn Italian with Lucrezia is an amazing all-round Youtube channel to help you learn Italian. Lucrezia has more than 191,000 subscribers currently, who enjoy her clear accent and wide range of video lessons.

Lucrezia has various series you can follow, like this one for learning idioms. Our personal favourite is Vlog in Italian, which gives you a real taste of Italian through everything from a virtual tour of the country to learning recipes for Italian food.

What is a nice bonus about Learn Italian with Lucrezia is her Correct My Text In Italian series that takes a piece of text and demonstrates how to improve it so the Italian is more natural-sounding; this isn’t something we tend to find readily available on Youtube channels.

Between all of these series and plenty of standalone lessons to keep you busy, this is a truly brilliant Youtube channel to subscribe to if you are wanting some help with your Italian.


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Learn Italian With ItalianPod101

Of course, when it comes to learning any language, the Pod101 group are always a popular draw – and with good reason!

Learn Italian With ItalianPod101 has more than 231,000 subscribers enjoying what seems to be a never-ending variety of videos to help you learn Italian, whatever your schedule.

There are the typical videos you would expect giving guidance on vocabulary and expressions, and short role play-style lessons giving you a specific vocabulary list and words to practise with, like this one for paying a bill.

There are also great short guides covering everything from study tips to bitesize pieces of advice on how to perfect grammar. You can also watch lots of great word list videos which give you blasts of vocabulary if you have little time for anything else.

And finally, one of our favourites, for those of us who can understand Italian but struggle when speaking; you aren’t alone, and this video will really help! Learn Italian With ItalianPod101 is a comprehensive study tool that any Italian language student will benefit from.



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Italy Made Easy

Italy Made Easy is a smaller Youtube channel with around 155,000 subscribers, though is one that is definitely worth a watch.

Manu is your Italian guide, and even if you are dealing with the most confusing verb conjugation, he is guaranteed to make you smile. Which is always a great way to start learning anything!

Manu teaches you essential expressions, verb use, and has lots of advice on grammar points, like this video on adjectives. He takes you through regional accents, and will even help you write a song!

Italy Made Easy also has a podcast series that covers a wide range of topics; try this one on Italian TV to see how the format works. And finally, something we really like; Manu teaches you better Italian listening skills from actual Italian caves.

You have to give this a watch! For learning that feels like a pleasure instead of a chore, definitely give Manu and his Italy Made Easy a chance.



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Learn Italian With Om Nom

Now, if the idea of learning Italian through something aimed at children isn’t one for you, Learning Italian With Om Nom might be one to skip.

But if simply structured videos with brightly coloured cartoon characters sounds like fun, give it a watch! Videos are no more than fifteen minutes in length so you can easily fit them into your study schedule.

Learn Italian With Om Nom might be aimed at kids but is spoken entirely in Italian, so unless you’re around B1 level don’t be fooled by its simplicity! Learning Italian With Om Nom is a great watch that is a joyful break from the regular methods of studying a language; definitely worth giving a try.

Ready to get back to your Italian studies now you have so many new things to watch? If you’d like a little help, feel free to get in contact; our courses are tailormade to whatever you need! Drop us a quick enquiry and see how it works.