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Skip the Mundane! 8 Conversation Starters for Introverts


Small talk isn’t for everyone. Especially introverts, who find the practice tedious, wanting to get straight to the deep stuff without the empty conversations that typically start with enquiries about your weekend. So get over the idea that introverts just despise other people, and instead make yourself a better raconteur and conversationalist! Here are some(…)

4 Signs You May Need a Language Learning Break


A lot of times the ‘use it or lose it’ mentality is drilled into us as language learners. We’re afraid that if we stop studying a language, even for a day, that our level will drastically drop and we’ll never achieve the proficiency we want. However, did you know that taking a break could actually(…)

Here’s Why Language Learning Should Never be a Solitary Experience


Learning a new language requires a fair amount of putting yourself out there, and yes, sometimes even making a fool of yourself. Which is why it can be all too tempting to opt for language courses and apps where embarrassing yourself is not an option. After all, if you don’t have to interact with anyone(…)

5 Language Learning Tips You Should Absolutely Ignore


Whenever you set out to learn something completely new, it seems like there’s always quite a few people full of tips on how best to accomplish your goal. While advice from someone who has been there and done that can be great, it’s important to know which tips are really the most effective and which(…)

Tips for Convincing People to Speak to You in Their Language (And Not English)


Picture this: you’re sitting at a restaurant in a small French town waiting for the server to come to take your order. You’re talking yourself up, rehearsing what you’re going to say in French so you get it just right, when the waiter walks up and asks in English: ‘Ready to order?’ Most language learners(…)

4 Great Reasons to Learn Chinese


You may have already heard that Chinese is taking over the world! With over a billion people speaking Chinese all around the globe, this is an incredibly widespread tongue. When even Mark Zuckerberg decides to try his hand at learning Chinese, you know there must be something to it. After all, Chinese is quickly becoming(…)

10 Language Quotes that Will Inspire You


While learning a new language is exciting, there are times where it can also be a difficult, tedious process. The level of commitment involved in conquering a new language is immense and we learners have to find inspiration where we can—whether it’s reading blogs about successful language learners, picking up tips on how to improve(…)

Tips & Tricks To Make Learning a Language Easy


Everyone wishes there was an easy path to learning a new language. We’d like to be able to sit back and acquire language knowledge with hardly any effort on our part, but the truth is that learning a language takes a lot of time, discipline, and hard work! Being a successful polyglot isn’t easy, but(…)