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Here’s Why Language Learning Should Never be a Solitary Experience


Learning a new language requires a fair amount of putting yourself out there, and yes, sometimes even making a fool of yourself. Which is why it can be all too tempting to opt for language courses and apps where embarrassing yourself is not an option. After all, if you don’t have to interact with anyone(…)

5 Ways Learning a New Language Will Change Your Life


Language learning can put a strain on your time, energy, and yes, sometimes your wallet, which is why it’s so often difficult to truly commit. If you know anything about effectively learning a language, you’re aware that you’ll have to dedicate time on a daily basis to the goal of conquering a new tongue. If(…)

10 Language Quotes that Will Inspire You


While learning a new language is exciting, there are times where it can also be a difficult, tedious process. The level of commitment involved in conquering a new language is immense and we learners have to find inspiration where we can—whether it’s reading blogs about successful language learners, picking up tips on how to improve(…)