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The Language, Lifestyle and Universality of Skater Speak


Recently there appears to be an international outbreak of Thrasher T-shirts, hats, and hoodies on the streets from Kanchanaburi, Thailand to Hong Kong to Sunnyside, Queens. It’s doubtful that this retro skate apparel trend is isolated to just these varied places. Thrasher, if you don’t know, is one of two magazines that launched in the(…)

Countries Preventing the English Language Invasion


Thanks to the internet, it seems that English really is everywhere. It sneaks into our vocabulary without even really trying, with loanwords for the things we take for granted becoming the norm, even in countries whose first language isn’t English. The question is, is it always welcome? Are non-English speaking countries happy with their hashtags,(…)

How to Survive in the Wonderful World of Acronyms


We do apologise; anyone would think you could create an entire language out of shortening entire phrases into single words. Which is something that we see more and more of: out of necessity of space on social media, for quickness because we need everything now, and because, well. How else would you make businesses feel(…)

Foreign Language Decline: Which Have Fallen out of Favour?


In our final look at language learning being on the decline, it seems fitting to try and get to the bottom of which languages are dragging down the averages. Let’s take a look! United Kingdom At one point in the UK, French and German were two of the holy trinity of modern foreign languages to learn(…)