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15 Forgotten Christmas Words to Make Your Holiday Merry


Are we too late? Or perhaps right on time. Possibly… but it’s that time of year again. For all those language lovers out there, have a sit after all the gift unwrapping is said and done and take in a little Christmas linguistics fun. Here are some long and perhaps not-so-long forgotten words associated with(…)

The Language, Lifestyle and Universality of Skater Speak


Recently there appears to be an international outbreak of Thrasher T-shirts, hats, and hoodies on the streets from Kanchanaburi, Thailand to Hong Kong to Sunnyside, Queens. It’s doubtful that this retro skate apparel trend is isolated to just these varied places. Thrasher, if you don’t know, is one of two magazines that launched in the(…)

We Need a Revival: Lost Words of Old English


Ever feel there’s something missing from your vocabulary? Are you searching for that perfect word that’s just beyond the tip of your tongue, that no amount of looking it up in reverse-dictionaries can bring you relief? With the internet at our fingertips and new words coming into existence daily, maybe having too many options is(…)