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The Many Sayings and Phrases to Cheers around the World


When travelling the world one of the best ways to get to know locals and learn about their culture is to sit down at a table, break bread and share a drink. Likewise, it is one of the most forthcoming ways people all over the world welcome a stranger. This sharing of food and beverages,(…)

Pop Culture Today and Sign Language Champions


Last year in our series on overlooked languages, we took a quick tour of the history of sign language, and learned that there are more than 130 forms of sign language used globally. As the entertainment industry as a whole strives to become more representative of all the richness of our society, we would like(…)

Foreign Language Decline: Which Have Fallen out of Favour?


In our final look at language learning being on the decline, it seems fitting to try and get to the bottom of which languages are dragging down the averages. Let’s take a look! United Kingdom At one point in the UK, French and German were two of the holy trinity of modern foreign languages to learn(…)

Dubbing and Its Impact on Culturally Accepted Language


As only a bilingual English-Spanish speaker who grew up in the US, has lived in Mexico City and also Buenos Aires, Argentina, I may not be able speak to very many situations regarding dubbing. However,  I can indeed speak to how dubbing causes many to attempt to use “neutrality” in both English and Spanish, at(…)