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17 Translated Signs Gone Wrong

Since us native English speakers have decided that English is the most important language in the world, you would think we would be a little kinder to those choosing to learn our language. When instead, we titter, mock, and joyfully repeat every single mistake learners make for the amusement of ourselves and other natives—or take(…)

From Water Fights to Flying Candles: A Year of Festivals in Thailand

Thailand is known world-wide as a party destination which is, in some ways, due to the fact that the Thai love to party. There are 20 official national holidays on the calendar in Thailand and about ten religious ones as well that add up to around 50 weekdays off a year. Thais celebrate New Year(…)

Most Popular English Language Translated Books: Another Look

This week looking at translated books, we are feeling a little nostalgic for the books we read when we were growing up. It is comforting to know that some of our firm favourites are also loved the world over. For example, did you know that Hans Christian Anderson’s book Anderson’s Fairy Tales was translated from(…)