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Learning Arabic? Follow these 5 Instagram accounts.

Instagram is more than just a place to post all your best filtered, best-angled selfies! Those in the know use it as an effective tool for picking up a skill or two as well. Like those who are learning languages, who appreciate its ease of use and ability to cram a lot of information into a small space. This time it’s the turn of Arabic; here are some of the best Instagrams to help you if you are learning the language.


Thought Instagram was only for entertainment purposes? Think again! Click here to discover the best Instagram you need to follow to learn Arabic!

Easy Arabic Language


Easy Arabic Language is a great Instagram to start with if you’re quite new to learning the language. There are 109 posts so far and more than 900 followers appreciating its simple, effective way of helping you pick up some Arabic. You have detailed posts on the Arabic alphabet, and posts focussing on a single letter from the alphabet giving you the letter, how it’s written, how to pronounce it, and some examples in the commentary about how it is used in a word.


There are also posts for individual words with pronunciation guides so you know how they should sound, expressions, and even some standalone posts that teach you, for example, which English words have their origins in Arabic. This is a great Instagram to practice with that you’ll happily lose yourself in flicking through!



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M Amirulyaacob


M Amirulyaacob is a great Instagram for Arabic learning! There are 104 posts to date and more than 2,300 followers, so you know you’re on to a good thing. There are pictures that use both Arabic and the equivalent in the Latin alphabet for pronunciation, and expressions again with a pronunciation guide.


In between these posts is some beautiful photography, so if you’re scrolling through you don’t have to get distracted and leave the site! Be aware that this Instagram might be better suited to Arabic students who are at least intermediate level since aside from guidance with pronunciation there is no English used at all.


Thought Instagram was only for entertainment purposes? Think again! Click here to discover the best Instagram Arabic!

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My Arabic Journey


If you are wanting an Instagram that is simple yet uses a lot of variety in its methods of teaching, My Arabic Journey might just be for you. There are sayings and expressions which are written in both Arabic and English, short vocabulary lists related to specific topics for you to practice with, and longer expressions that are broken down word for word so you can see how they are put together.


My Arabic Journey has 218 posts and 265 followers so you know you have plenty of material to work with and some good company! This is a great Instagram if you’re drawn to visual learning styles or appreciate bite-sized learning with a good splash of colour.


Decoding Arabic


Want a comprehensive resource for your Arabic learning? With Decoding Arabic you’re in the right place! You have posts that encourage you to think about the different ways to use the same words, expressions written in both Arabic and English, pronunciation guides with word explanations, and short videos explaining even more words.


You can either scroll through the whole blog or click on each of the individual stories depending on what time you have. We’d recommend starting with quizzes to check your current understanding in a fun way before you do anything else. 41 posts might not sound like a lot but a lot of learning is packed into every one! More than 3,801 followers agree and use Decoding Arabic as a tool for learning. So why don’t you?



Thought Instagram was only for entertainment purposes? Think again! Click here to discover the best Instagram Arabic!

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Let’s Speak Arabic


Our last choice for Instagrams is a small one, but we’re sure that Let’s Speak Arabic will just grow and grow! Its current 22 posts followed by 28 fellow Arabic learners cram a lot of grammar advice in to help you with your studies. You have words of the day which give you the word in both English and Arabic as well as let you know which tense they are in, advice on how to use grammar points like prefixes, and detailed explanations of how the letters of the Arabic alphabet should be used. You will also find some simple posts that are vocabulary builders, so if you’re looking for a quick study session that has almost a flash card feel, these posts are ideal.



There are more than 32,000 posts on Instagram with the hashtag #learnarabic. How many of those posts are going to help you with your Arabic studies?