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All the Afrikaans Phrases You’ll Need to Wow Your Family and Colleagues


Afrikaans, which was first brought into South Africa by Dutch settlers, is the youngest official language in the world. Part of the West Germanic language group, its origins can be traced back to the late 17th century, and for centuries, it was used only as a spoken language. Nowadays, it can be heard in places(…)

Learning to Have a Heart-to-Heart in Thai


Languages around the world use the heart as metaphor for love, disappointment, sadness. In Spanish, a generous person has a corazón de oro, in Lithuanian, a širdies pasikeitimas is a change of heart. In English, we speak of broken hearts, black hearts and bleeding hearts. It’s not often that idioms travel so far, but Thai has the(…)

Express Yourself: Idioms and Their Origin


Whether you season your vocabulary with a pepper of proverbs or you speak in shout-outs, common expressions are an unavoidable part of your everyday vocabulary. But there’s a whole lot to be said for thinking before you speak: where do these sayings come from? Here’s our top ten favourite. 1. A friend in need is(…)