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5 Reasons Why You Should be Learning Portuguese


Whenever people decide to embark on a language learning journey, they tend to choose languages like Spanish or French. It’s not all that surprising considering these two languages are common staples in most learning institutions. Portuguese seems to be a much less popular choice, which is mind-boggling considering all the benefits there are to learning(…)

Same Sounds + Same Meanings + Different Languages = Connection?


Ah, the cognate. The language learner’s friend, the link between learning and limbo. There is something very reassuring about coming across a familiar word that doesn’t already taste foreign on your tongue: one less word to learn, leaving more capacity for taking on that tongue-twister you’re having trouble pronouncing in your head, let alone out(…)

Let Your Hands Do the Talking: The Fastest Language to Write


For any of you who ever had the need to type fast, you have probably tried everything from Mavis Beacon to voice typing to give yourself that extra speed. And for those of you who like to jot down first, type up later, we are sure you have dabbled with the joy that is Teeline.(…)