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Could Vietnamese Become the Next Powerhouse Language?


Vietnam ticks many boxes on the list of potential places to travel, with its breathtaking landscape, affordability, and the friendliness of the Vietnamese people. It is also attracting the attention of the real estate market and other investors such as those from the processing and packaging industry, as demonstrated by an international exhibition about to(…)

The Hill Tribes of Southeast Asia


In the early 1940’s under a post-war government, Siam became Thailand, land of the free. This was meant to reflect two major changes in the kingdom. First, that conscripted service to the monarchy was ended and, second, that the greater region was now a ‘homogeneous’ country. Siam was made up of numerous smaller kingdoms that(…)

Vietnam Should Be Higher on Your Travel List and Here’s Why


Asia, and particularly Southeast Asia, has seen a massive boom in tourism over the last decade or two. Firmly on the map as a favourite of backpackers, this region’s tourism industry is going from strength to strength. However, not all destinations in the area are equally popular. Vietnam, in particular, ranks quite low at number(…)