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Asado, Lunfardo & Fernet: How to Become a Real Argentine in 10 Steps


Argentina has an incredibly rich immigrant history, resulting in an eclectic background of people and customs that have molded the country’s culture. This is especially true in Buenos Aires, where the cosmopolitan nature of the city makes it very easy to blend in as a foreigner. Until, that is, you open your mouth and try(…)

Taipei Night Markets 101, Part 2: Things to Know Before you Go


Last week we covered the very basics of Taipei night markets in Part 1. Now that the stage has been set, we’re going to talk about getting you prepared. So without further ado, on with the show! 1. Bring: An open mind Forget all your homeland standards of sanitation, culinary taste and tradition, and human(…)

5 Tips to Help You Self-Study as a Tourist


When you study a language, you look for any opportunity to use it. Travel is one of the best as you have a chance to interact with a culture where your target language is spoken and you can also learn how people use it out in the real world. Not all of us have the(…)

Vietnam Should Be Higher on Your Travel List and Here’s Why


Asia, and particularly Southeast Asia, has seen a massive boom in tourism over the last decade or two. Firmly on the map as a favourite of backpackers, this region’s tourism industry is going from strength to strength. However, not all destinations in the area are equally popular. Vietnam, in particular, ranks quite low at number(…)

Tokyo for Tots: 4 Kid-Friendly Places in the Japanese City


Tokyo is known for many things, such as having the most populous metropolitan area in the world, holding more Michelin stars than any other city and having some of the best shopping scenes and nightlife in the world. But did you know that Tokyo is also a great destination for children? For a big city,(…)

Top 8 Family-Friendly Activities in Panama


Panama is gaining international attention as an affordable and safe destination for families looking to head south of the US border. And making it even more attractive is the fact that it offers fun activities that families with children of all ages can enjoy. If you’re interested in visiting a Latin American country that’s a(…)

4 Fantastic Hostels for Your Trip to Melbourne


Melbourne has been named one of the world’s most livable cities time and time again. It has also been named one of the most expensive. And if you’re a budget traveler looking to see this beautiful and fun-loving corner of the world for yourself, it would be easy to be scared away by the high(…)

Bolivia on a Budget: 4 Hostels to Include in Your Itinerary


From its bright colors, comforting flavors, and beautiful sights, Bolivia’s incredible culture is present everywhere you look. If you’re planning a trip there, one way you can keep your spending in line is by staying at hostels. These affordable inns make an excellent accommodation option for solo travelers, couples, and families. Whether you’re looking for(…)