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Chinese: A Brief History

你好! 你好吗? (Nǐ hǎo! Nǐ hǎo ma? Or if you prefer pinyin, the Romanisation of standard Chinese, or Mandarin). We are of course saying hello, how are you? With the rapid growth of the Chinese economy and an ever increasing amount of Chinese investment overseas, is it any wonder that the number of schools in(…)

5-Minute Guide to Beijing

Since hosting the 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing has soared to a top destination for pleasure travel. Additionally, in the last decade the Chinese capital has become an important city for international business due to the growing Chinese economy and its political power. Beijing is a massive city with more than 12 million inhabitants and a(…)

Chinese Gone Wrong: Amusing Translations of Country Names

Language is a funny a thing. Each different language is able to describe the world around us, from naming concrete objects to abstract concepts, giving us the means to communicate. Yet translating between languages is not a straightforward task. Literal translations show up the gaps between languages and the subtleties inherent in linguistics. Google translate’s(…)

10 Things You Should Know Before Studying Abroad In China

You may be nervous about studying abroad in China, thanks to the vastly different language and culture. But don’t let that stop you! These days, there are so many opportunities to study in China, and your experience living in this growing world power will open up many doors for your future. Not least, the ability(…)