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Fandom Language and Their TV Origins


To the casual viewer, phrases from some of our favourite TV shows may get used in passing, or as a joke. To those in fandoms (the fans of a particular person, team, fictional series, etc., regarded collectively as a community or subculture), those same words become codes, identifiers of fellow fandom members when out there(…)

The Human Voice as an Instrument for Language


There must have been a time before homo-sapiens developed when communicated languages were nothing more than grunts, howls, utterances and octave-shifting yodels were used, much like our primate cousins do now. Following evolution, through time those sounds would later transform into language and, naturally, song, or could it have been the other way around? Long before we were(…)

4 Great Brazilian TV Shows To Practise Your Portuguese


It’s not just football matches that have Brazilians glued to their TV screens. On Brazilian television the telenovela reigns supreme. Telenovelas, prevalent across all of Latin America, are slightly different to traditional Western soap operas like Days of Our Lives. Brazil’s telenovelas typically run for around 8 months, and focus on a major plot line,(…)

How Watching Anime Can Help You Learn Japanese


Anime has successfully brought the Japanese language to millions of people around the world who otherwise would have little to no contact with it. While there are roughly 122 million Japanese speakers worldwide, much of this is confined to Japan itself, with Japanese lacking the same reach as many other Asian languages (and indeed other(…)

How Opera Can Help You Learn Italian


Budding opera singers have long used learning Italian as the starting point to their careers, but did you know that learning opera (at least the lyrics) can help you learn Italian as well? After all, what better way is there to learn Italian than through the most classic of Italian music? Not only is it(…)

5 Spectacular Songs To Help You Learn French


One of the best ways to supplement your language studies is by listening to music. Not only is this a fantastic way to introduce yourself to new vocabulary, but the medium also helps these new words and phrases stick in your head, instead of simply floating back out the other ear. Plus, when you’re learning a(…)