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9 Must-Know Arabic Business Phrases To Bring Fun To the Arab Workplace


Are you looking for a language that will give you access to attractive trade prospects, wealthy, business partners, and a rapidly growing consumer base? If the answer is a big fat YES (as it should be!) the time has come for you to learn Arabic. Today, Arabic-speaking territories are major players in the global business(…)

Debunking Myths About Language Learning: Is Arabic Hard to Learn?


Arabic is one of the most spoken languages today, with nearly 430 million people speaking it worldwide. However, not many people choose to learn it as a second language because it is surrounded by myths which suggest that it’s impossibly difficult.  Here are a few: “The script is impossibly hard to learn, it’s just like(…)

5 Things to Know Before Visiting Qatar


Qatar is a rather small Muslim country located in the Persian Gulf and brimming with a cultural wealth any traveller would be lucky to experience. While most might bypass Qatar in favour of the bigger, more well-known Middle East countries such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Qatar definitely has a charm all its own and(…)