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6 Gift Ideas Perfect for Language Learners

Sometimes the holidays can be more a season of stress than festive cheer, especially if you’re agonising over what to get who (not to mention what to buy for that one friend who seems to already have everything). If you know someone who is learning a new language, or you are a language learner yourself, there are lots of really cool gifts out there which will brighten even the Grinchiest of people right up. While you can’t give a language learner what they really want for Christmas—complete fluency in their target tongue—you can give them something that will help them achieve that goal. Just check out these 6 great Christmas gift ideas for the language lover in your life.

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1. A Language Course

The most obvious present here is to give the gift of an actual language course. Language courses, even affordable ones, are a financial investment and you may know someone who can’t afford to indulge in a tutor or course but still wants to learn a new language. These days it’s super easy to give language courses as gifts as there are a host of excellent programs, tutors, and teachers which can all be accessed online. Your beloved language learner will thank you again and again for paying for a 6-month course to help them learn Chinese, or Spanish, or whatever language it is they love. Hint, hint, make an enquiry with Listen & Learn today! 

2. Harry Potter

Believe it or not, the ‘Harry Potter’ series is one of the greatest assets to language learning today. Why? Well, most people have read the ‘Harry Potter’ books in their original English and are familiar with this tale of the boy wizard. ‘Harry Potter’ makes an amazing gift for language learners because the books get more complex as you progress in the series, which means you’re introduced to more complicated vocabulary and grammar the further you get. It’s also a really fun way to improve your language skills and a gift that keeps on giving as a learner can read and re-read these beloved books in their target language to their heart’s content.

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3. Word-A-Day Calendar

What better way to remind that special someone in your life to practice their language skills daily than with a word-a-day calendar? There’s nothing language learners love more than the opportunity to increase their vocabulary with useful words and phrases. With a calendar, they can learn a new word and practice it throughout the day. It’s also a great way to start your day with a language tidbit before you head out into the real world.

  • 4. Electronic Dictionary

Electronic dictionaries make great gifts because they’re both portable and highly useful. Every language student needs a good dictionary, and lugging around books or finding a decent free online dictionary can both be a pain.  You don’t need a Wi-Fi connection to use an electronic dictionary, which is why they’re so convenient for carrying along to language classes or taking with you on the road when you travel. The best part is, there’s so many affordable electronic dictionaries out there, you don’t need to worry about straining your wallet too much with this type of gift!

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5. iTunes gift card

Listening to as much of one’s target language as possible is an essential part of the language learning journey. An iTunes (or another music platform) gift card is an excellent way to invest in helping that language learner you know improve their listening skills. Specify that the gift card is for their language learning, and watch them go nuts buying music, podcasts, and language shorts to supplement their language course.

6. Magazine Subscription

A year-long subscription to a newspaper or magazine in your favourite language fan’s target tongue is a unique gift that will have an impact long after the holiday season has come and gone. Magazines and newspapers are excellent for language learning because they teach contemporary lingo and language—something a language student will find incredibly helpful—all the while helping them to remain up-to-date on current events. It’s super easy to buy an online subscription which will send them magazines and newspapers on a weekly or monthly basis.

Are you learning a new language? What gifts would you add to your Christmas wish list? Tell us which ones are your favourites!