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  • Philip Jarman Read more
    Mandarin Chinese in Swansea
    “Listen & Learn was right for me with their tailored home tuition, flexible learning, good prices and good reputation.”
  • Vivienne Ferguson Read more
    Greek in Peterborough
    “I would absolutely recommend Listen & Learn to others. I am sure that if someone has a flair for languages and is committed, they could learn the language fairly quickly.”
  • Sara McCullum Read more
    Spanish in Peterborough
    “Listen & Learn seemed to be the most professional, and when I began to enquire, very much lived up to my expectations. ”
  • Julie Butterworth Read more
    Turkish in Golborne
    “As I have a very busy work and home life, I needed them to be flexible and was looking for an organisation that offered one-on-one home tuition – Listen & Learn provided that.”
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“Seeing the language through my learners’ eyes is a precious experience for me. So, I consider myself very lucky!!! ” Francisca

  • Becky Pearson Read more
    Norwegian in Bristol
    “I chose Listen & Learn because they were the only company able to find me a tutor. Not only that, but able to arrange one in my area. ”
  • Kathleen Mathers Read more
    Swahili in Hertfordshire
    “Listen & Learn was one of the few companies that offered Swahili and met my other criteria.”
  • Pilar Vidal Read more
    German in Belfast
    “Having a teacher that got involved in my learning process and adapted to my interests and learning goals was the most important thing for me.”
  • Nick Sage Read more
    French in London
    “My Listen & Learn tutor, Yann, made a huge effort to help me understand how the grammar works, and how to say things properly – these aren’t things you can learn from a book. ”

Listen & Learn Client Reviews and Testimonials

our clients include

DKM Group
Language learned: English in Brisbane.

Ferrero Canada Ltd.
Language learned: Italian in Hamilton.

Geoscience Australia
Language learned: English in Canberra.


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