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Meet Pilar, studying German, and see why they chose Listen & Learn!
Pilar Adds German to her Language Repertoire!

Pilar Vidal, 33, wanted to add a fifth language to her collection – she decided on the German course with Listen & Learn. This is what she had to say about her experience:

Listen & Learn: Hi Pilar, how are you?
Pilar: I am fine, thank you.

Listen & Learn: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today. Could you tell me a little about your story?
Pilar: I am 33 and I am Spanish - I come from Valencia. I am a dentist and have been living and working in Melbourne, for almost 4 years now.

Listen & Learn: When did you start studying with Listen & Learn? And what did you study?
Pilar: I started with Listen & Learn in October 2012 (this is my second year now) and I am studying German.

Listen & Learn: Why? What were your reasons and goals?
Pilar: The most important reason for me is just that I absolutely love languages; I have studied other languages before like French and Portuguese, and I started to think that I wanted to learn a language that was completely different to Spanish, so German was a very good option. Also, job opportunities in Germany are something to be taken into account, and having the language would be an important asset. My goal would be to be as competent in German as I am in English.

Listen & Learn: Why did you choose Listen & Learn?
Pilar: I chose Listen & Learn because I wanted to learn at my own pace.

Listen & Learn: Was Listen & Learn helpful? What was the most helpful thing?
Pilar: Yes. Having a teacher that got involved in my learning process and adapted to my interests and learning goals was the most important thing for me.

Listen & Learn: Would you recommend Listen & Learn?
Pilar: Yes, I have actually recommended Listen & Learn to a friend already, who has since started studying Dutch.

Listen & Learn: And finally, what's your favourite saying in your new language?
Pilar: My favourite saying in German is “Der Glaube Kann Berge versetzen” which means "faith can move mountains’" The way I understand it is, believe in yourself and keep yourself motivated, and you will achieve what you want.