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Meet Ruth, studying Korean, and see why they chose Listen & Learn!
Ruth learns Korean for a new beginning

Ruth Linehan, an English teacher who is moving to Korea to teach, tells us about her journey

Listen & Learn: Hi, Ruth! Now, you have a very exciting reason to learn the language you chose to study, is that right?
Ruth: Yes, I will be moving to Korea next year to teach and I wanted to have a good basis of understanding, so that I can help my students, as well as interact and survive in my daily life. I want to be able to make friends, order food and travel without having to use phone apps. I also like how Korean sounds and was interested in trying something new.

Listen & Learn: Good for you! What a great adventure you are about to embark on! And are you enjoying the process? Do you have a favourite word or phrase yet?
Ruth: 감사합니다! Thank you is a phrase I use a lot, especially when speaking with my amazing teacher! [laughs]

Listen & Learn: [Laughs] That’s definitely one that will come in handy! Why did you decide to enrol with Listen & Learn to study Korean?
Ruth: It's very difficult to find Korean lessons in my city, Cork, due to its size. Also, I was looking during the Covid-19 pandemic, so I wouldn't have been able to take classes outside the house.

Listen & Learn: Would you say this convenience of learning wherever and whenever you want is one of your favourite things about studying with us?
Ruth: Definitely, I love that I can learn with a native speaker from my own home and at whatever time works for me!

Listen & Learn: Does anything stand out as being very helpful in your course? Something that has made learning a tricky language that much easier?
Ruth: My teacher, Hyerim, is very friendly and patient. She explains the topics clearly and is really nice, so I'm never worried about understanding everything right away; I can learn at my own pace, with no added pressure.

Listen & Learn: And what has been your most rewarding moment?
Ruth: It's great to learn a new alphabet and be able to read it on menus, food packaging, in TV shows, etc., even if I don't understand everything it means yet! The Korean culture is very popular, so there's plenty of opportunities to practise listening and it's exciting when you can pick up some of what's being said!

Listen & Learn: Oh, yes, I agree. That first moment you realise you can understand a foreign language in the real world is one of the most exciting moments for sure! It sounds like your language ability has improved as a result of your classes, then!
Ruth: Definitely, I started from scratch and it's been many years since I learned a new language. Other than my examples above, I haven't had a chance to use it in the real world yet, but I'm excited to keep improving and take part in language exchanges in the future.

Listen & Learn: And when you move overseas, of course! Finally, would you recommend others to follow in your footsteps and study with Listen & Learn?
Ruth: Yes, this approach is a great way to learn a language for fun at your own pace without worrying about a bigger class moving too quickly or having to take exams and tests.

Listen & Learn: Thank you, Ruth, and good luck in Korea!