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Meet Catriona & John, studying Czech, and see why they chose Listen & Learn!
Learning Czech Together for Future Trips

The Story of Catriona and John

Listen & Learn: Good afternoon, Catriona and John! Thank you for agreeing to share your experience with us. Could you tell us a little about you and the language you chose to learn and why?
Catriona Hutcheson: Our first holiday together was in Prague. We had both been there before, but truly fell in love with the city when we went together. We’ve been back many times, and started to travel around the Czech Republic. Outside of Prague, there is less English spoken and we wanted to learn to chat in the local language. So, we started to learn Czech!

Listen & Learn: That’s amazing! And why did you choose Listen & Learn for your studies?
Catriona Hutcheson: Listen & Learn has a fantastic and flexible approach to learning. Our work regime is chaotic. We both travel the country, and attending a lesson at the same time every week is impossible for us. The option to mix face-to-face lessons and Skype, as well as weekly appointments, is perfect.

Listen & Learn: It’s great that our staff could find a solution for your particular situation. So far, what has been your favourite thing about studying with Listen & Learn?
Catriona Hutcheson: Our tutor, Radka, is absolutely fantastic. We look forward to each lesson. We are learning so much, from conjugations and technical aspects, to conversational language and being able to place an order at the restaurant. The lessons are friendly and informal, and we often share anecdotes and travel tips. We now have two lessons a week and genuinely enjoy them.

Listen & Learn: I’m so glad to hear that! What has been the most helpful aspect of your course?
Catriona Hutcheson: The approach Radka has taken to teaching us is perfect. She mixes revision and new material so it’s never daunting, but always satisfying. When we get stuck, she finds new ways to present the material. These days there is a mixture of interactive quizzes, academic learning and listening to natives speak the language. She always provides us with materials to practise between lessons, but is also very kind about acknowledging that between work and family we can’t always practise as much as we would like.

Listen & Learn: Flexibility is, indeed, a great trait in a teacher. What has been your most rewarding outcome from this experience?
Catriona Hutcheson: We have a lot of friends in Prague and Brno, and we can now understand when they post on Facebook in Czech!

Listen & Learn: That’s so rewarding! So, do you believe your language ability has improved? Have you had an opportunity to use your new skills in the real world?
Catriona Hutcheson: Our language has improved significantly. The pandemic has prevented us from going to the Czech Republic this year, but we have magazines and books that we are starting to translate. We are confident that when we can go, we will enjoy our new language skills.

Listen & Learn: I hope you can go there soon! Why should other students enrol in a language course with Listen & Learn?
Catriona Hutcheson: The quality of tutoring, and the flexibility of the approach mean that you can keep going through the ups and downs of life. If you have to take a break, or you can do more intensive lessons, it can be arranged.

Listen & Learn: Thanks a lot for your time! Before you go, why don’t you share with us your new favourite expression in Czech?
Catriona Hutcheson: Fakt jo! (Really)