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The Five Best Youtube Channels to help you learn German

Learning German and want to add a little something different to your studies? Why not use Youtube channels? There are thousands of amazing resources available for German learners on Youtube; to help you get started, here are some of our favorites.



Easy German


You will find Easy German on a lot of recommended lists and for a very good reason. This is by far one of the best Youtube channels you will come across for helping you learn the German language. 443,000 subscribers seem to think so, anyway! There are the typical lessons you might expect from a Youtube channel like this one for Nur vs erst, and this one for practicing vowel sounds. But what we really love about Easy German is that videos are often short discussion pieces, infodumps, and thought pieces on a particular subject that really immerse you in the language. Each video has both German and English subtitles and tends to have a number of different speakers, so you get to hear a variety of accents and dialects as well. Try this one on refugees to see if the format works for you.


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Germanpod101 is another big name in Youtube German lessons. Join 368,000 subscribers who use the channel to practice pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. Along with these more formal videos, you will find words of the week which give you short vocabulary lists to memorize. Each word is displayed on the screen, explained simply, and put into context; try this one on family to see how it works. There are also compilation videos that are about 30 minutes long which act as summary sessions for language you might already know or have learned through the channel. This one on beginner listening comprehension is a great start that uses multiple-choice questions and dialogue to guide you through. You will also find videos on phrases for particular subjects, like this one on phrases needed for a date. Give Germanpod101 a watch and you will be confident in your German in no time!


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Goethe Institute


The Goethe Institute in Germany is one of the best free resources for learning German you will find anywhere, so you can be confident their Youtube channel won’t disappoint. 153,000 have discovered this incredible collection of material; we are sure you will want to join them! One thing you should be aware of before you start, however, is that the channel is almost entirely in German. You can watch many of the videos with subtitles, but these tend to be in German too. For this reason, we would recommend the Goethe Institute Youtube channel for intermediate learners and up. The videos are a mixture of short interviews, like this one with Avesta, to longer videos that take you on a tour and introduce you to a number of accents and dialects. This video filmed around Berlin is a perfect example of the typical structure of this video series.


Get Germanized


Get Germanized has 359,000 subscribers tuning in for a laid back approach to learning German. There are a lot of discussion pieces focussing on German culture rather than the language, such as this thread on commentary about the Rammstein song Deutschland. These videos tend to be predominantly in English with German words and phrases explained. For a little more learning, you have a variety of material to watch that you possibly wouldn’t expect in a typical lesson. As examples, you can watch old German TV commercials and have them translated (as well as ridiculed), and then make sure you know the best of German memes. Don’t come to Get Germanized looking for the more typical advice on vocabulary and grammar; this channel teaches you German by embracing you like a friend who has just arrived in the country and drip feeds you German along the way. Give it a watch!


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Learn German

Our final suggestion for Youtube channel is Learn German, which is aimed at beginner students. Each video is illustrated and subtitled, with whatever subject you are learning clearly explained. If you choose to you can watch the videos in order of level, since they are clearly labeled with A1, A2, and so on. Try this one on common mistakes in German to give you an idea of what to expect from these lessons. The German For Daily Use series is particularly helpful, with each episode in the series giving you situational vocabulary for you to focus on. Try this one on means of transport to give you an idea of what to expect.

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