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The Family Guide to Traveling with Kids in Buenos Aires

Are you planning a family vacation to Buenos Aires? If so, you may be wondering what kind of adventure you’re signing up for. After all, Buenos Aires is the land of decadent meals, free-flowing wine, and sensual dancing, right? Right! However, it’s also a great place to travel with kids. Chances are it will give your kids a much-needed glimpse into what family life looks like in a faraway place. With the right mindset, a family vacation to Buenos Aires will excite them and open their minds to a way of life that is noticeably, yet not overwhelmingly, different.

If you’re considering Buenos Aires for an upcoming trip with your children, check out these great options to include in your itinerary:

Museo de los Niños


With play stations, instead of standard exhibits, this children’s museum is more of an oversized, educational playground than a traditional museum. If your kids have been out sightseeing for a few days and just need a day of fun, this is the perfect place to go. A kid-sized grocery store, customs agency, bank, and more, provide an excellent place for young ones to run around and play with peers from all different cultures.

Bosques de Palermo

"Parque Tres de Febrero". Licenciado sob CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons.

This urban park provides an excellent backdrop for a low key, slow-paced day outside with your kids. Stroll around the park for some fresh air and exercise, or if you have older kids rent some bikes to really work up a sweat. Stop to buy ice cream cones. Feed the ducks. Rent a paddleboat to explore the lake and its shoreline. The best part of all is you don’t need any sort of plan or strict schedule–just show up and see what kind of fun things are going on in the park that day!

Parque de la Costa

If your family loves amusement parks, why not visit one during your trip to Buenos Aires? The scenic train journey out to Tigre is half the fun. Keep in mind that this small park is not like the mega-properties you’ll find in the U.S., but your kids are sure to get excited as soon as they see the hovering ferris wheel and looping roller coaster tracks. They can even practice their Spanish skills by taking in a few performances of classics like “La Bella Durmiente” (Sleeping Beauty) and “La Sirenita” (The Little Mermaid).

BioParque de Temaikén


By Sergio Aguirre [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

What kid doesn’t like seeing wild animals, like tigers, meerkats, toucans, and cheetahs? This biological park is known for the spacious, modern exhibits where animal residents can live comfortably. Daily shows feature bats, hippos, and more, and there’s a petting zoo for the little ones. Underwater exhibits are home to sharks, manta rays, starfish, and plenty of other beautiful aquatic creatures.

Buenos Aires is a city that is full of life and energy. Children often stay up late into the night, joining their parents for a 10pm dinner. Be sure to put some thought into the type of schedule you’ll follow with your children while vacationing here to avoid any exhaustion-fueled temper tantrums. And remember, your kids will be surrounded by Spanish everywhere they go, so signing them up for Spanish lessons in advance will be incredibly beneficial. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about individual and small group lessons near you.