Learning Spanish? Check out these 4 great websites to improve on your language skills.

Whether you’re learning Spanish by yourself, through a course, or with a private tutor, it can never hurt to have more resources for studying the language to hand. Which is why we have listed some of the best websites to help you learn Spanish. Enjoy!


Are you learning Spanish? Click here and discover our list of the 4 best websites to learn Spanish!

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We like Conjuguemos a lot! This website covers a few other languages besides Spanish, though Spanish is its focus. You can practice verb conjugation, brush up on your grammar, and pick up some new vocabulary. There are fill-in-the-blank activities if you want something simple, but the best learning process on Conjuguemos is an interactive graded practice. And if you just want something fun to practice with then there are a number of games to practice spelling and comprehension.


By far the most useful part of the Conjuguemos website is the listening activities. Each activity has a short video for you to watch and a choice of comprehension and listening quizzes. There is even a transcript for if you get stuck and want to read along. La Gaita 1 will give you a taster of just how effective these activities can be!


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Todo Claro


Todo Claro is a great website to use for reaffirming what you already know. There are interactive exercises for both grammar and vocabulary, as well as ‘cultural’ and ‘daily situations.’ These activities range gap fills, multiple choice drop downs, matching activities, and reordering sentences. All are available for all levels A1 to C2. There is a verb conjugator if you want to check your guesses, and a ‘Verb-o-Mat‘ that will help you test your verb conjugation.


New activities are added all the time which gives you plenty of variety. What we also like is that the site is available in German, French, English, and Spanish. Maybe that is a little too much overkill for language learning all at once, but it makes our little polyglot hearts sing! En la agencia de viajes is a great place to start for students at B1 level to give you an idea of how the website works.


Are you learning Spanish? Click here and discover our list of the 4 best websites to learn Spanish!

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Coffee Break Spanish


This website offers you numerous ways to brush up on your Spanish, though what we really like about Coffee Break Spanish is two things. Firstly, the podcasts. Currently up to season four, the Coffee Break Spanish podcast follows the life of a fictional character named Maria going about her daily life. Each episode has ample vocabulary for you to learn, and also discusses at least one grammar point. In episode 40 of season four, for example, Maria’s adventures in Argentina are paired with advice on how to use pedir que (ask that) with different tenses.


Secondly, we like the site’s two minute challenges. Using episode 28 to give you an example, each challenge gives you instructions and a short exercise to work out the word of the day. The videos are audio with written instructions that are very easy to follow. And with only two minutes there is no excuse for a lack of time during your day that we could justify hearing! This is a great way to practice your Spanish on a daily basis without having to put a lot of time and effort in.


Are you learning Spanish? Click here and discover our list of the 4 best websites to learn Spanish!

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Spanish Uno


Spanish Uno might not look as fancy as some websites, but it still has some great resources to help you learn Spanish. There are both grammar and vocabulary guides and lessons, as well as some simple games like word matching to practice with. But what is most useful about Spanish Uno is the library it keeps for reading comprehension activities. Here you will find short stories for both beginners and more advanced students, as well as jokes, riddles, and even dialogues if you want to practice speaking with a partner!


Amongst all the useful slang and sayings is a section called a little bit of love, which is actually a range of Spanish poetry. There isn’t a direct English translation so perhaps leave this one to those whose Spanish is more advanced. But overall Spanish Uno has something for everyone and is a great website to explore.


However, you are learning Spanish there are never enough resources to strengthen or brush up on what you already know. Why not give one of these great sites a try?