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Learning German? Follow these 6 Instagram accounts.

Sprichst du Deutsch? You will be if you take a look at Instagram! There are so many Instagrammers using the app to help people with their language skills that frankly, we wonder why everyone hasn’t already discovered what a useful learning resource Instagram can be! So without further ado here are some of the best Instagrams to follow if you want to practice German.


Thought Instagram was only for entertainment purposes? Think again! Click here to discover the best Instagram you need to follow to learn German!


Learn German with Anja


Learn German with Anja is a great one to follow if you’re just looking for a way to keep your German fresh in your mind. Anja uses pretty much only German throughout her Instagram, teaching you by showing you the world, in German, through her eyes. For each post you’ll either get some beautiful photography or a short video with some German for you to practice with, and in the commentary of some posts you’ll also get further explanations and uses for you to try yourself. With 159 posts so far and more than 19,100 followers, Anja is one of your new go-tos for German learning.


DW — Deutsch Lernen


If you’re looking for an Instagram that both has the typical Instagram feel yet also has something official about it, try DW — Deutsch Lernen. There are quotes, bite-sized grammar and vocabulary quizzes, explanations of words, and plenty more besides. DW is a German broadcaster and one of the best resources for German learning, so this Instagram is definitely worth a look. 210,000 followers agree! There are more than 3,500 posts that are better suited to more advanced German learners, so if all you want to do is brush up on what you already know, this is one for you!


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Days of Deutsch


Days of Deutsch is kind of the Instagram equivalent of a vocabulary flashcard system. You have the item photographed, say, an elephant, with the handwritten German word for it and an explanation in the commentary. Sometimes there are additional explanations or phrases, like with this one for International Womens Day. There also little titbits about German culture like this one on sharing your birthday. With 1,336 posts and more than 39,200 followers, Days of Deutsch is definitely one to scroll through!


Thought Instagram was only for entertainment purposes? Think again! Click here to discover the best Instagram you need to follow to learn German!

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Basic German Words


Basic German Words is lovely! Unlike other Instagrams, this one expects total audience participation. Each post is a photo submitted by a follower that is then featured and explains or translates the word. This post for apotheke is a good example, as is this one for diskothek.


As well as these submitted posts you’ll get to see a range of conversations in the commentary, with Widenka happy to chat back and forth in both English and German. There are 1,224 posts so far, and nearing 22,000 followers. You’re in great company with Basic German Words; why not get your own photos submitted?


Domi Online Teaching


If you’re wanting a fun blog to follow that doesn’t feel like a lot of work, give Domi Online Teaching a well-deserved look. Domi is a teacher in The Netherlands, so along with your German learning you get a little Dutch too! And Portuguese. In fact, Domi speaks a wealth of languages, so the only thing to keep in mind is not to get your languages confused.


There are vocabulary posts, translations of idioms, visuals if you’re looking for some quick revision, and lots of other activities. The Q&A story in particular is very useful, but again, don’t get lost in the wealth of languages! With almost 600 posts and nearly 8,000 followers, there will definitely be something on this Instagram for you.


Learn German Language


With 309 posts for almost 7,500 followers, Learn German Language has something for everyone. Posts are colourful explanations of confusing words, straightforward snapshots of verb conjugation, and links to all sorts of videos with more detailed explanations. Learn German Language is a great tool for anyone who appreciates simple, visual learning methods. You’ll probably find yourself going through every post because everything feels just so easy to pick up!


Thought Instagram was only for entertainment purposes? Think again! Click here to discover the best Instagram you need to follow to learn German!

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The #learngerman tag has almost 75,000 posts so there will be something for you to practice German with if the above aren’t to your taste. So when are you next practicing your German?