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Learning French? Follow these 5 Instagram accounts.

Looking for a new way to brush up on your French? Why not try Instagram? With thousands of bloggers using the platform for everything from sharing their photography to getting followers for a food blog, Instagram is an amazing place to find new talented people sharing their expertise. Including languages! Here are some of the best Instagrams for you to explore for your French studies.


Thought Instagram was only for entertainment purposes? Think again! Click here to discover the best Instagram you need to follow to learn. French!


Le Francais Ensemble


Le Francais Ensemble has 907 posts and more than 35,000 followers, so you’re in good company! There are expressions to complete with explanations in the commentary, words and phrases taught with beautiful photography, and all manner of grammar pointers to keep you on the right track for learning.


What is really nice about Le Francais Ensemble is that the posts are so varied that you don’t really feel like you’re learning when you click through. You can watch a clip of a film in French with subtitles, and then read a post that teaches simple colloquialisms, and you’ll still want to keep scrolling through for more! This is a really great Instagram to learn French with.


Let’s Speak French


If you’re looking for an Instagrammer who has experience in teaching French, then give Lise of Let’s Speak French a visit! With over a thousand posts with practical tips on learning French, Lise really knows her stuff. Her follows agree since she has more than 1,200 of them, and interacts with them regularly in post commentaries.


There are some great grammar examples like this post on the future tense, quick visual reminders for vocabulary, snippets from French children’s books, and so many other resources besides! This is a really informative Instagram packed with bite sized learning activities, definitely give it a visit!


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Frenchacking is another Instagram that likes to mix up its French advice with a lot of variety in its posts. There are labelling posts so you can learn, for example, the parts of a car, gap fills to practice tenses, and colloquial quotes and phrases to help build your vocabulary.


There are some great posts helping you conjugate verbs and learn the best ways to use words like tout, and short stories like The Adventures of Clara that come with audio so you can hear the best pronunciation. With more than 300 posts and close to 44,000 followers, Frenchacking is doing something right!


Thought Instagram was only for entertainment purposes? Think again! Click here to discover the best Instagram you need to follow to learn French!

Photo via Pixabay


Learn French With A Cat


Oh, come on, you know you love a cat video as much as the next person. This is an ingenious idea! Learn French With A Cat gives you manageable chunks of French learning, all related to a cat! You can learn how the cat cleans its paw and in doing so will hear some pronunciation and learn some French expressions along with the necessary grammar and vocabulary.


There are Sunday Songs where the French tutor sings you a song with his trusty cat nearby, and the song is subtitled in both French and English. And while l’expression du jour doesn’t have cute cat pictures like the other posts, the phrases are explained and demonstrated using a cat. Like dévoré de jalousie, where a couple come to blows over where the cat sleeps. Brilliant. 85 posts of cat indulgence while learning French. More than 7,000 followers have found their happy place!


Learn French Easily


Learn French Easily is followed by just over 39,000 followers and has more than 130 posts helping you learn French. Posts are a range of short phrases and quotes with the English explanation and pronunciation in the commentary (as well as Turkish if you want to kill two birds with one stone!).


Click on les histoires for quick examples of French in real life situations, and les informations for grammar refreshers if you are in a hurry. For food examples with visuals that will make you hungry, click on les aliments, and les boissons for drinks. This Instagram is like a ready made flashcard set that you could use for revision if you’ve got an upcoming test.


Thought Instagram was only for entertainment purposes? Think again! Click here to discover the best Instagram you need to follow to learn French!

Photo via Wikimedia


And if you’re still wanting to find more French on Instagram then click on #learnfrench; to date there are close to 120,000 posts to help you with your French learning. Get studying!