Learning English? Follow these 6 Instagram accounts.

Are you learning English? Do you want a fun way to practice what you already know, and learn a little more? Then why not head over to Instagram! There are thousands of people with amazing ideas to help you learn the language. Here are some of the best Instagrams for learning English.


Thought Instagram was only for entertainment purposes? Think again! Click here to discover the best Instagram English!

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BBC Learning English


BBC Learning English is an amazing resource for language learners. There are great pronunciation guides, advice on how to use words in different ways, like the word immediately, explanations on when to use similar words like very and really, and plenty more besides. There are posts that ask you questions helping you think out an answer in English, and simple gap fills if you are in a hurry. In short, whatever your schedule, BBC Learning English has something for you. There are 1.2 million followers enjoying more than 1,500 posts. Why not join them?


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English Teacher Julia


English Teacher Julia is a great visual Instagram for learning the language. There are colorful pictorial vocabulary lists for specific subjects like food and drink. Practice idioms and expressions by looking at these posts with advice on how to use them. Learn how to use a word in a variety of ways, like this post for come, and pick up plenty more tips and tricks along the way! Julia has 664 posts and close to 38,000 followers so you will be in great company as you study!


Thought Instagram was only for entertainment purposes? Think again! Click here to discover the best Instagram English!

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English With Music


If you’re looking for a way to pick up some English while not feeling like you’re studying, English With Music is definitely worth a look. You will get a music video, like this one for Sam Smith’s Dancing With A Stranger, with the lyrics on the screen. In the commentary, each word gets spelled out phonetically so you can practice the pronunciation, and if you happen to be a Russian speaker you’ll get a translation as well! There are 431 songs for you to practice English with, and more than 134,000 followers. This is a great Instagram for English practice — and a great way to discover new songs as well.


English Online Academy


The English Online Academy has 453 posts and 141,000 followers. You can learn internet acronyms, vocabulary lists on specific themes like the outdoors, get some great advice for things like contractions, and see many more useful suggestions. The very lists, in particular, are great. If you’ve ever wanted to use more effective adjectives and adverbs these lists will give you some thoughtful pointers. And pronunciation guides like this one for the vowel sound ow are simple, straightforward, and will have you pitch perfect in no time!


Nellie English


Nellie English is a small but growing Instagram for English learners, one to focus on particularly if you’re looking for British English. This Instagram is more of a conversation or writing activity prompter than giving you the typical vocabulary or grammar advice you might see elsewhere. Take this one about tea for example; with a series of simple questions Nellie will get you thinking about how you take your tea, giving you a tiny glimpse into British ways at the same time. A lot of the posts are photos that are also thought-provoking and ask you questions, like this one with cake. There are 138 posts and 110 followers already. Why not give Nellie English a look?


Thought Instagram was only for entertainment purposes? Think again! Click here to discover the best Instagram English!

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Classy English


Classy English is another Instagram for British English. You’ll get simple gap fills like this one with Marilyn Monroe, learn about tricky things in the language like silent letters, the conundrum of verbs and nouns that look alike but are pronounced differently, and ideas to get you practicing English, like this one inviting you to give a picture a title. There are almost 500 posts on Classy English, with more than 1,100 followers. This is a great Instagram to flick through if you want to grab a little bite-sized learning if you’re short on time.


Instagram is possibly a hidden gem for language learners, bringing you real-life examples of language from all around the world. There are close to one million posts with the #learnenglish hashtag on Instagram. When are you going to practice?