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The 5 Most Entertaining Korean YouTubers to Learn Korean in 2021

In the past, learning a new language involved a textbook, a tape recorder, and lots of patience.

Not anymore.

Thanks to the Internet, learning languages can be lots of fun. Whether you are into music, podcasts or TV series, all you have to do is go online and you’ll find lots of free content in hundreds of languages.

Today, we bring you a list of Korean YouTubers you need to start following right now.

One of the most popular Korean Youtubers blurred in the background, in front of a camera


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What’s the Korean Youtube Channel With the Most Subscribers?


With 64 million followers as of August 2021, the K-Pop group Blackpink is the most popular Korean channel in the world. This South Korean girl band was formed by YG Entertainment.

Usually referred to as “the K-Pop Queens”, Blackpink has broken numerous music records throughout their young career. The videos for their songs “Kill This Love” and “How You Like That” were the most-streamed music videos of 2019 and 2020 respectively, the latter setting two Guinness World Records and breaking three others.



1. Twin ROOZI – 10 million subscribers (as of August 2021)


Twin ROOZI are two 11-year-old identical twins from South Korea. They post daily videos with recipes and food-related content, such as reaction videos to Turkish Ice Cream shows and live octopus meals.

Their videos feature lovely visuals and amazing dishes, but it is their spontaneous, often hilarious commentary that sets the ROOZI twins apart from other food channels. They also travel to amazing locations looking for exotic food, which makes them the perfect Korean YouTubers for people who love both eating and getting to see exciting places.

Warning: some of their videos, like the one below, are not suitable for vegans.


2. JFlaMusic – 17 million subscribers (as of August 2021)


Want to hear acoustic covers of today’s top hits? Then you need to check out JFlaMusic’s channel. One of the most talented Korean YouTubers, Kim Jung-hwa gained popularity in Korea for doing amazing covers of popular songs in English, Korean, and even Spanish!

You don’t believe us? Check her cover for Luis Fonsi’s Despacito!

Some of her most-viewed covers are Camila Cabello’s “Havana”, David Guetta’s “Titanium/Alone”, and The Chainsmokers’ “Don’t Let Me Down”. Though she sings mainly in English, Korean enthusiasts won’t be let down. Kim Jung-hwa also uploads Q&A videos that come with English subtitles, which is great for beginners.

If you like her voice as much as we do, you can get her cover album “Believer”, which features covers of Imagine Dragons and Ariana Grande, among others!


3. CreamHeroes – 3,81 million subscribers (as of August 2021)


Koreans love animals, but they have a special thing for cats. A recent survey revealed that Korean cat owners spend over US$1.5 billion (1.8 trillion won) a year on their pets. It’s no wonder, then, that so many Korean people create YouTube accounts to showcase their pets.

Created by a woman named Claire, CreamHeroes is one of the most popular cat-related YouTube channels right now. Her daily content revolves around her relationship with her seven (yes, seven!) cats. She loves dressing them up in outrageous costumes, watching them react to big shark/tiger dolls, and reward them with toy cars.

Despite all the silliness, there is a lot to be learned about cat behaviour on Claire’s channel. Whether you want to know how to properly cut your kitten’s nails or how to encourage a newly adopted cat to use its bathroom, Claire has been through it all and loves to share little tips on how to improve your relationship with your cat. Plus, you can use her videos to learn about imperatives, as she uses them to give instructions to her cats all the time.


4. Wassup Man – 2 million subscribers (as of August 2021)


Joon Park is a member of a K-Pop boy band called G.O.D. While his music hasn’t really landed with international audiences, his video of him talking about the music industry in Korea has earned him over 8 million views in just a few months.

His style as a YouTuber is so eclectic that no two videos of him are the same. However, he does love going to a lot of trendy areas around Korea, which means you find a lot of vlogs from the Han River, Hongdae, Gangnam, and Itaewon on his channel.

Like most Korean YouTubers, Joon loves to eat, but the great thing about him is that, instead of eating at home, he takes his followers through the hippest restaurants, canteens and lounges in Seoul.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, his channel is called “Wassup Man” because he has the habit of yelling “What’s Up” to strangers on the street!


5. 공대생 변승주 DS – 2 million subscribers (as of August 2021)


If you’re curious about what a university student from Korea does on a daily basis, look no further than this entertaining and family-oriented channel.

With a “one day in the life” approach, this mid-20s engineering student posts daily videos about his relationship with his friends and family, his visits to amusement parks, beaches and festivals, and his life as a student.

His best videos are probably those done with his girlfriend, as they love to challenge each other to food contests and silly games.

But his channel also features more educational stuff such as film reviews and city tours, which makes him one of the most eclectic and family-friendly Korean YouTubers out there!

Which of these influencers will you start following after reading our post?

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