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Hit the Slopes in Caviahue, Argentina

Ski resorts have become a lot more than just somewhere to hit the slopes. Gone is the traditional idea of a day spent skiing followed by an evening in a cabin and nothing much else being on offer. Skiing is big business, and when ski schools have become something of a minimum requirement for choosing a location for your next skiing holiday, what else should you consider? Let’s take a look at the beautiful Caviahue in Argentina and show you how it should be done.

The essentials

Photo via Pixabay

Here are the basic details to start your planning around. Caviahue is easily accessible by car, bus and airport, with good connections to highways. The timezone is -0300 UTC, and the currency the Argentine peso. Temperatures are highest around December and January reaching up to approximately 30 degrees, and lowest in June and July when the average temperature is zero.

The ski season is usually from around mid June to the end of September, which is one of the longest ski seasons out there, and this period is divided into high, mid and low season which is something to consider when you are looking at costs.

The Caviahue ski resort is approximately 1.5km from the actual city of Caviahue, and almost 360km from Neuquén City, also a beautiful place to visit – but that is a story for another time!

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Fun times…

Photo via Wikimedia

Caviahue is best described as a mountain village, sitting at the foot of the Copahue volcano and on the shores of a lake full of ancient monkey puzzle tree forests, smaller lakes, beautiful lagoons, and all sorts of basalt terraces and and cascades for would-be geology enthusiasts to explore. The volcano also produces hot springs that are the perfect spot for relaxation, so there is this incredible mix of hot and cold for you to enjoy in the very same region.

The ski resort itself has: 23 trails that offer challenges for a range of skiing competencies, a ski school, chairlifts, snowboarding, snowmobiles, snowshoe trekking, cross country skiing, dogsledding and a snow park. Plenty to do then.

As well as this, the city and surrounding areas of Caviahue really are a nature lover’s dream. The Cascada del Rio Agrio is a stunning cascade to visit, as is Cascada Escondida. Salto del Agrio is the waterfall to visit in the area, with visitors coming from all over the world to see this 60m tall waterfall drop into a tranquil lagoon beneath.

Laguna Escondida is a caldera where you can view the volcanic landscape, and the same is true also of Laguna Hualcupen, where you can also indulge in fly fishing in the lake there if that is your thing.

Finally, we mentioned dog sledding, so we had to give you an option for that. La Huella will offer you a number of services. You can sled with the dogs, participate in night treks, go on guided excursions, follow cycle paths through some of the most stunning scenery, and even try your hand at archery.

Feed me!

Manolo’s Pizza y Pasta & Gringa Cerveceria Artesanal de Montana seems to be everyone’s favourite eating and drinking location, with the best reviews for food, views and service. Restaurant Quine also attracts some great reviews and is also a beautiful place for accommodation. Alen Aitue describes itself as a pub but does a number of delicious dishes that would look more at home in a restaurant. Our final ‘restaurant’ choice would be Cocavi, which is part cafe, part grill, part international cuisine delight!

Dulce Aldea is the place to go if your sweet tooth needs its fix to go along with your coffee, with some of the most delicious cakes and chocolates for you to sample. Another favourite cafe is Cafe Literario Machive, with an extensive menu to choose from and friendly, helpful staff.

Finally, if you’re looking for a good place with the feel of a more traditional pub, may we suggest RosaLeda Taberna. A good selection of drinks, entertaining staff, a really nice location – what more could you want?

Photo via Wikipedia

And finally…

In a change from the usual nightlife recommendations of clubs and drinks, how about one of these options? Laguna Escondida y Mirador en moto de nieve, which is a two hour excursion to Laguna Escondida by snowmobile, or Cenas en la confitería Pehuén, a motorbike ‘confectionary climb’ to Pehuén through the Araucaria forest that finishes with a Patagonian meal served with wine and overlooking some of the most stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the local village.

We hope we have given you something to think about for planning your next holiday. Happy skiing!