Four amazing Youtube channels to help you learn French

Are you learning French and looking for some variety in your study material? Then look no further than Youtube! With thousands of channels intended for both native speakers and French learners, you are guaranteed to find something that you enjoy and will help. Not sure where to start? Here are some of the best Youtube channels to help you learn French.



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Learn French with Alexa


Learn French with Alexa is one of the most popular Youtube channels you will find for learning French. Alexa has more than 670,000 subscribers who have billed her as Youtube’s most awesome French teacher! Alexa gives lessons on conjugating verbs, pronunciation, and all the basics of grammar to get you by. But there are a variety of other lessons that will draw you in as well! Alexa goes through exam papers so you can see how they work and how to answer, and has a series where you can meet various people, from her relatives to chefs at culinary shows. These meetings are short conversations entirely in French and are a great snippet of real French in use. Try this interview with Stellio at the France Show to see how it works. Learn French with Alexa is a really fun and interesting way to learn French; give the channel a go!


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Learn French with Vincent


If you’re looking for a channel that will help you pick up French quickly, then Learn French with Vincent is one for you! Vincent claims to be able to teach you French in five days, and if you’re just looking for the basics then certainly give that video a watch. Vincent also gives you survival French and a range of French phrases, so if you are pushed for time you can think of this channel as a great way to build up your vocabulary in short periods. Vincent also offers lessons on things like verb conjugation and French culture that you can watch as a series or as standalones. Watch this one on the verb to be to see if this is a style that works for you. Learn French with Vincent has over 750,000 subscribers so you can be confident his lessons are effective; why not subscribe yourself?



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Frenchpod101 is your go-to Youtube channel if you want to pick up a lot of information quickly while not being overwhelmed. There are quick lessons of up to a minute long where you’ll watch a simple animation as you learn a phrase or grammar point, like this one on learning about hotel facilities. Slightly longer videos serve as reviews of previous language learning and motivation to keep going, like this one to help you build a routine for French learning. And if you have the time, there are videos around one hour in length that give you phrases and vocabulary to learn. Frenchpod101 is a great channel for dipping in and out of if you want to top up your language skills or take a refresher on what you have already learned. More than 500,000 are already subscribed; why not join them?



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For its 25,000 subscribers, ohlalaispeakfrench is a fun way to pick up some French language skills without feeling like you are being forced into a lesson. The channel is hosted by two French sisters who have moved to Los Angeles, and is aimed at those who are beginners in French. Each video is a short, manageable lesson that will teach you some words and phrases you might not necessarily find in more formal channels. Give French exclamations a watch and you’ll see what we mean! As well as this there are great, easy to understand lessons on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, though what we really enjoy are the videos on French slang. Give this video on nice slang a watch as a taster. Ohlalaispeakfrench is a lot of fun to learn French with, why not tune in?

If all these Youtube channels have inspired you to either begin or continue practicing French, we are here to help! You can check your current level with our free online French level test to gauge what you know already. And if you would like to know more about our tailormade courses then drop us a quick enquiry to see how you can fit French lessons into your schedule.