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The 4 Best Youtube channel to help you learn Portuguese

Youtube is something most of us tend to scroll through at least once or twice a day. So why not use Youtube to help you with your language studies? There are thousands of Youtubers with dedicated channels waiting to help you with your language skills; why not give some a look? Here are some of our favourites for those learning Portuguese.



Novo Telecurso

Novo Telecurso is an older Youtube channel that we stumbled upon and really liked. There are 173,000 subscribers to this slightly old-fashioned Brazilian Portuguese channel, so you know they must be doing something right! There are language lessons like this one on elementary Portuguese, which are short role-plays of situations that you can then learn the grammar and vocabulary points of. Are these cheesy? Yes. Are they also effective? Very! Though what we really like about Novo Telecurso is the general education lessons. Like this one on maths: you learn about room dimensions and calculate space – in Portuguese! A wide range of subjects are covered including things like geography and history, and each of the approximately fifteen minute long videos comes with Portuguese subtitles. So yes, on first appearances Novo Telecurso does look like something of a relic, but the material is great for Portuguese learners. Definitely give it a try!


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Street Smart Brazil

A somewhat smaller channel with only 23,000 subscribers, Street Smart Brazil is amongst one of the best for helping you learn Portuguese. The one-minute Portuguese lesson series means you really have no excuse not to fit a little learning into your day! There are even quicker lessons if you are really hurrying, through the one-word Portuguese lessons and Brazilian slang words. Verb lessons focus on one verb at a time, giving you seven to ten minutes of study; like this one on the verb ficar. There are idioms, pronunciation guides, and so many more topics to help you learn. Street Smart Brazil uses visual aids and coloured text to teach you Portuguese, so if you don’t particularly enjoy role-play lessons for learning then this might be the very channel for you. Overall, Street Smart Brazil is an informal though informative channel that you will find yourself clicking through video after video of because it’s all so easy to follow.


Photo via Pixabay


Learn Portuguese with PortuguesePod101


Of course the Pod folk have a Youtube channel for Portuguese! Learn Portuguese with PortuguesePod101 is a go-to channel for a great mix of material to study with. 103,000 subscribers seem to think so, anyway! Yes, there are the typical things like expressions, and essential words. But you will also find great advice on how to teach yourself like this guide to speaking, and this one on getting resourceful with your learning. What we like most about Learn Portuguese with PortuguesePod101 are the lessons on listening and reading. Both are detailed, offering advice as well as practice, and are tailored to specific levels so you know which to watch. If you’re looking for a Portuguese channel that is a bit of an all-rounder, then you really can’t go wrong with this one!


Photo via Wikimedia


Portuguese Carla

Portuguese Carla is another smaller channel with just under 10,000 subscribers. We’re not sure why there aren’t more, because this channel is perfect for European Portuguese learners! There are the usual videos you might expect; expressions, the alphabet, and colours, and short videos giving you ‘real life’ role-play practice in various situations, like shopping. There are also two great series you can watch to practice with. The first gives you all kinds of wonderful language advice through written text on the screen along with the spoken word. Try this one on handling the delivery man to see what the series is like. The second series goes into a little more detail at times, and is often split across two or even three episodes. See this one on at the hairdressers to see how it works. These lessons are all around thirty minutes in length, so factor that in when you are planning your studies. Portuguese Carla is a wonderful resource for European Portuguese learners.

How are you Portuguese studies going? Do you feel the urge to study even more now that you know there are so many amazing Youtube channels out there to help you? We don’t blame you! If you’re looking for a little help with your studies, our native teachers can create tailormade courses to suit your needs and schedule. Drop us a quick enquiry to see how it works.