8 Signs You’re a Travel Junkie

A travel addiction can start out simply enough: you take that one trip that changes everything. Before you know it, you find yourself addicted to getting out there and seeing the world. And travel can be a bit like a drug. The more you do it, the more you want to do it (and the higher dosage you need to stay happy). So how do you know if you’re a travel junkie? Read on to find out!

You know you’re addicted to travel when


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1. You’re constantly planning another trip

People who can make a living off of travelling full-time are few and far in between, so us mere mortals with regular day jobs have to find ways to fit travel into our normal lives. If you’re constantly divvying up how many days off you have left and planning out where you’re going to spend them, then you have a huge travel addiction. Extra stars to the ones who create Excel sheets to keep track of what trips they’re going to take and when!

2. You get restless between trips

If you start to feel a sense of anxiety when you’re not travelling, it might mean you’re addicted to travel! And why shouldn’t you be? Some of your best experiences have probably come from spending time abroad learning about a new country and culture. Without a frequent dose of travel any avid nomad would get cranky.

3. You spend most of your money on trips

For the past few years I’ve been telling myself that this is the year I’ll travel less and save more (got to think about retirement, right?). And every year I fail. With so many fascinating places to see in the world it’s pretty hard to avoid funnelling your savings into travelling the globe. I always like to look at it as emotionally enriching myself, which is a heck of a lot more fun than saving every penny!


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4. You can speak more than one language

If you know a variety of must-know phrases in a handful of different languages and are prepared to use them when necessary, you’re obviously a major travel addict. Something that sets travellers apart from tourists is that we love to immerse ourselves deep into the local culture—which means picking up some of the local language too. And sometimes a travel addiction translates into a langue addiction, which is amazing as well! 

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5. You’ve run out of space in your passport

You probably once dreamed of filling your passport with stamps from all around the world, and now you’re making that dream a reality. When you find yourself at the embassy asking to have extra pages put into your passport, or getting a completely new one because you’re old one doesn’t have a single blank space left in it, then you know you’re a true travel junkie.

6. You worry you’ll run out of time

The anxiety you experience between trips is probably nothing compared to the panic you feel when you look at your 10-page long travel bucket list and realize you probably won’t have enough time to see everything you want to see. There really should be a support group for people like us.  


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7. You have a different perception of home

What is home, really? For travel addicts it tends to be less of a place and more of a feeling. Which can suck sometimes because that means the whole world is pretty much your home! Home doesn’t have to be a particular place, but rather the feeling a place gives you. You feel just as comfortable, happy, and fulfilled in Cairo, as you do in Lyon—and that makes you a true-blue travel fanatic.

8. You have friends all around the world

One of the big highlights of travel is that it’s an opportunity to meet lots of new and interesting people. And with the help of the internet it’s much easier to stay in touch with that buddy you made while staying at a hostel in Taipei, or that girl who struck up a conversation with you in a Madrid coffee shop. The best part is, even after you part ways you know you have a friend in some corner of the world who you can visit on your next trip, or you can host them when they come to your home country!

What are some of the signs that you’re addicted to travel?