6 Entertaining Italian Podcasts to Take Your Skills to the Next Level

Continuing our celebration of podcasts as incredible tools for when you are learning a language, let’s deal with the beautiful Italian language.

Put down whatever you’d normally waste time with on your commute and join us on an Italian adventure!


What are the best podcasts to learn Italian?

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How to podcast

First things first, do you know how to effectively use a podcast to help with your language skills? There are numerous things you can try. You can summarise it into your own words, and when doing so, say whether you agree or disagree with the subject matter that’s been discussed.

You could, if you wanted to, transcribe everything word for word, perhaps in blasts of thirty-second chunks so you don’t miss anything.

Translating is another option, or even just building yourself a list of new vocabulary and phrases that you haven’t heard before. Or you could just listen, focus on picking up the nuances of a language in its native form that you might not have had the opportunity to when studying.

With those tips in mind, let’s jump right into our Italian podcast selection.


What are the best podcasts to learn Italian?

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Senza Rosetto

Senza Rosetto is currently enjoying its third season of podcasts, celebrating all things women.

Promoted as a podcast on feminism, this well-rounded presentation talks about all the problems faced by modern women. With everything covered from the importance of women in politics to things to consider when travelling alone, this is a great podcast to listen to if you want to hear about feminist issues from a new point of view.

The episode “Nonna” by Violetta Bellocchio is ideal to get started. The speakers are very clear and enunciate well. So, if you’re a beginner and interested in learning about the struggles of Italian women throughout the years, there isn’t a better option than this.



If you’re looking for something challenging, informative, and fun, then Caterpillar might just be the podcast for you.

Make no mistake, this podcast is fast. It doesn’t cater for the average learner, so this one might be more for advanced learners or those who are fluent and just want to keep up with the language.

Having said that, hosts Sara Zambotti, Paolo Maggioni, and Paolo Labati are warm and welcoming, up for speaking about just about every subject imaginable. Discussions are punctuated with the occasional blast of music, so you’ll have time to recover in between conversations!

This episode is an eclectic mix of discussions on the referendum in Skopje where the name of Macedonia is being debated, and a look at the threat posed to Italian beekeeping by an invasion of foreign species. Something for everyone!


What are the best podcasts to learn Italian?

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Mix 24 — La Storia

This podcast is the history segment of Italy’s Radio 24 program Mix 24, which provides an in-depth discussion of what is happening in the news.

In Mix 24 — La Storia, a historical figure or moment in history is discussed from an Italian point of view. There are interviews with historians as well as primary sources, and this mix provides a fascinating look at what makes up our world from an Italian perspective.

Fine della storia talks to historian and journalist Paolo Mieli as he looks at changes to exams, controversy over the increasing cost of hand luggage on our flights, and the difficulties faced by fathers when their children reach adolescence.


Il Ruggito del Coniglio

Il Ruggito del Coniglio is a podcast that is full of fun. Hosts Antonello Dose and Marco Presta, as well as others, have a comical, intelligent, thoughtful outlook on what is happening in the world around us on a daily basis.

They often go off on tangents that are so far from the subject that they are supposed to be speaking about that if you aren’t paying attention you might get lost, but along the way, you will hear some jokes, satire, and learn many new things.

This is a beautiful podcast to practice Italian with, hosted by people who speak clearly and concisely and are obviously having the times of their lives doing their jobs.


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2024 brings you a podcast covering all things technology. This covers everything from the latest technology in VR, to updates from Google, and even the best ways to transfer money electronically.

The Italian spoken in this podcast is fast and knowledgeable, so it might take you a few tries to get your ear in. But it’s worth it for a look at advances in technology, for both Italy and the international market.

Biometria e password, UE e IA, tracker Bluetooth is a great episode, in which they discuss the possible effects of using biometric data instead of passwords, how the European Union will be regulating Artificial Intelligence, and other important matters regarding all things digital.


Podcast italiano

Our final choice for Italian podcasts is one that is produced specifically with studying the language in mind.

Podcast italiano follows a native speaker talking about a wide range of subjects, with a transcript to follow along with as well if you want. This podcast isn’t updated as regularly as some, but with the programmes tailored precisely to a learner’s needs, it might be a great one to start out with if you aren’t sure what will work for you.

One of our favourite episodes is an intimate look at what it is like to be an Erasmus student in different parts of Europe.

There you have it! Just check out these podcasts and pick the one you feel most comfortable with and take your Italian skills to a new level!

And by the way, once you are ready, you can take our Italian language test and find out how well these podcasts are helping you! Click here to start your Italian language test (it only takes a couple of minutes!)