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5 great websites to brush up on your Portuguese

Did you know that Portuguese is one of the top ten most widely spoken languages in the world? There are around 234 million speakers of Portuguese, which means if you’re learning the language you’re in great company! If you’re looking for some additional resources to help you with that learning, here are some great websites to help.


Learning Portuguese? Here are the best websites to help you in your studies!


Polly Lingual


Polly Lingual will have you confident in Portuguese in no time. You can navigate through the website by level, grammar point, and even specialist language for travel, business, and medical purposes. There is a verb conjugator trainer complete with audio, you can create your own review lists for practice if you use the paid version, and you can even learn about the different countries where Portuguese is spoken.


Using describing people to demonstrate best how Polly Lingual works, you first get to learn some new vocabulary using flashcards, each one with an audio recording so you’ll get the right pronunciation. After you’ve mastered this you can play a matching game that pairs the English with the Portuguese vocabulary you’re learning, followed by whack-a-word and hangman, until the vocabulary is firmly in your mind! You can even download the lesson as a PDF in case you want to jog your memory later.


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Learn Portuguese With Rafa


Learn Portuguese With Rafa is a blog that focuses on European Portuguese, though there is also some guidance for Brazilian Portuguese as well. You can search by grammar point, learn some basic phrases, and even some rude words if that is what you want! The blog is very informal yet informative, so working through it will teach you but without any pressure. There is even guidance on how to study Portuguese so you’ll know what to look out for and the pitfalls of the language.


There are a few free lessons on the website. Ordering food in Portuguese walks you through the basics of how to navigate a menu in Portuguese, from the vocabulary you need to how to put your sentences and questions together. Overall this is a great website to dip into if you’re wanting a refresher for Portuguese rather than a beginner looking for where to start. Happy studying!


Learning Portuguese? Here are the best websites to help you in your studies!

Copacabana via Wikimedia


Learn European Portuguese Online


Learn European Portuguese Online gives some great guidance for Portuguese learners. Every grammar point has two separate PDFs, one with the activity and the other with all the answers. There are regular blog posts that serve as an informal lesson, each of which points out the differences you will see between European and Brazilian Portuguese. Portuguese Possessive Pronouns and Determiners, for example, walks you through the difficulties students find with this grammar point in a way that doesn’t feel like a lesson. Perfect if you want to practice without too much formality!




Semantica teaches Brazilian Portuguese through a series of videos that are set up like a TV show. You will probably feel like you’re watching a series on Netflix rather than learning but that can be no bad thing. There are animated grammar lessons, interactive activities, and even pronunciation training if you’re stuck. And if you don’t want to invest just yet, since this is a paid site, then head for the free posts. Here you will find blog posts that teach bitesize grammar points. Perfect for if you’re trying to fit a tiny bit of Portuguese into your day!


Learning Portuguese? Here are the best websites to help you in your studies!

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Centro Virtual Camões


Centro Virtual Camões is a great resource that throws you right into Portuguese, so if learning by immersion works for you then start here! The website is divided into three sections; Listening, Reading, and Playing. Listening will give you the option to listen to short stories followed by a few comprehension questions, or everyday situations doing the same. Perhaps the most useful part of the listening section is Tem bom ouvido? which teaches you how to listen when practicing Portuguese.


The reading section follows a similar formula. Choose between short narratives and texts, and then follow the comprehension activities to firm up what you’ve learned. And finally, the playing section is all about learning through games. You can practice with grammar and vocabulary, and test your knowledge of famous people in history in Portuguese. Make sure you have a flash player installed for this website since you won’t be able to do any of the interactive activities without it!


However you’re learning Portuguese, we’re sure these resources will help!