5 great cartoons to help you learn Italian

Learning Italian? Want to find some ways to make learning fun? How do you feel about watching cartoons? With services like Netflix providing entertainment from the world over in a range of languages, there is little stopping you from making a lesson out of something you watch — aside from not being able to choose what to start with, of course! We are here to help! Here are some great cartoons to watch if you are learning Italian.



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Monster Allergy

Monster Allergy is a two-season long cartoon that is based on an Italian comic series of the same name, giving you a total of 52 episodes to watch. We see the world of Monster Allergy through the eyes of 12-year-old Ezekiel Zick, who has the ability to see the invisible monsters who live in the society around us. Zick hopes to hone his powers well enough to one day follow in the footsteps of his father to become a Monster Tamer. This is a colourful, entertaining cartoon that you will no doubt find yourself binge-watching once you start. Here is a clip so you can see for yourself if Monster Allergy is one for your Italian learning! 


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Benornato Topo Gigio

Do you want a cartoon that makes you feel a little nostalgic for childhood? Then a cartoon like Benornato Topo Gigio might be exactly what you want! This is an Italian anime that was produced in a collaboration of Japanese artists and Italian voice actors. It tells the story of a mouse astronaut who returns to Earth from the future and is adopted by a young girl named Gina. If you want a really simple storyline that uses easy language that you will have no difficulty following even if you are new to learning Italian with cartoons, definitely give Benornato Topo Gigio a watch. Here is a clip if you want to check it out!



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La Linea

La Linea is an Italian animated series with 90 episodes over three series. Bear in mind this is an older series that aired between 1971 and 1986, so the language might be a little dated in places. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t great content to help with your Italian learning. So, what is it about? Mr. Linea is the character of the show, drawn as an outline around his silhouette, walking along an infinite line of ‘adventures’ that he is a part of. Whenever Mr. Linea encounters an obstacle on the line he turns to the animator to shout about it! This is another easy watch that you will probably find yourself easily engrossed in; don’t forget you are supposed to be learning as you watch! Want a clip? Here it is; give La Linea a watch!



Calimero is another Italian-Japanese cartoon collaboration, following a black chicken by the name of, well, Calimero. He is the only one in a family of yellow chickens, and wears a part of his shell on his head. This is another older cartoon that is a charming watch, that actually has three versions, giving you an amazing 203 episodes to work with. That is a lot of lessons! And not to ruin it for you but to explain the context, Calimero isn’t a black chicken at all, only a very dirty one in need of a wash. This is explained at the end of every episode complete with a little advertising for soap! Want to give it a try? Here is a clip so you can see if Calimero is going to draw you in for an Italian lesson—or 203! 



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Signor Rossi

Our final suggestion is Signor Rossi, which is more a series of short animated films and less an animated series. Since Rossi is one of the most popular Italian surnames, the stories are supposed to represent everyday people in all sorts of regular scenarios—though mostly through stories about sports! Signor Rossi is beloved to many people, so that should tell you it is great viewing. Watch a clip here to get started!

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